SINP Issues Invitations Under Express Entry And In-Demand Occupation Draws

The Saskatchewan province issues 514 new invitations to apply for the provincial nomination programs for International skilled worker category on 23rd November 2018. This invitation includes 247 invitations to candidates under the federal express entry system.

The province of Saskatchewan has now issued 3337 invitations through international skilled worker expression of interest system. In this 1552 invitations went in the bucket of Express Entry candidate and 1785 went in the bucket of Occupations in demand candidates.

The minimum score that was accepted for both the sub streams i.e. Express Entry and occupations-in demand was 63 and 64 respectively.

The candidates under the Express Entry system get an additional 600 points if they receive a nomination from the province towards their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. These points almost assure the Candidate’s Permanent Residency Visa. There are three economic streams through which the Express Entry system manages the pool of candidates. Those economic systems are federal skilled trades class, federal skilled worker class and Canadian Experience Class.

If a candidate needs to be considered for the Saskatchewan, the Express entry candidates need to register a totally separate profile for the Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) program under the Expression of Interest (EOI) system.

On 23rd of November these were the fifth draws for the Saskatchewan’s sub-categories and since July the province of Saskatchewan switched them to first come first serve system.

Candidates who want to be considered under the EOI system for Saskatchewan PNP, the initial and the most vital step is to create a profile and provide the requisite information on the factors like education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, age etc.

After the submission, the profiles are scored according to the International Skilled Worker points grid on the basis of the information provided. After the point allocation, the profiles are kept in the relevant Expression of Interest pool where the candidates are ranked according to the score they have obtained.

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The candidates who have scored high are provided with the invitations to apply on regular selection rounds.

Candidates need to score a minimum of 60 points under Expression of Interest sub category in order to be fulfill eligibility conditions according to the province’s point assessment grid and ought to possess experience in high skilled occupation listed in province’s in demand occupation list. Candidates don’t need to possess job offer from the province in order to be considered eligible.

Occupation in demand is candidates are outside of  the express entry pool and score a minimum of 60 points on the Saskatchewan’s points grid. Moreover, the candidates need to also possess atleast 1 year of experience in past 10 years of filing the application in the province in demand occupation list. No job offer is required while applying under this category.

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