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Australia has always been the first predilection among Immigrants as it offers the unrivaled and exemplary standard of living.  Surrounded by North and Pacific oceans and having 7.692 million km2 area, Australia is a home to the population of 24.77 million that includes 22%, non-Australian citizens.  The rate of Immigration is increasing every year because of the plethora of benefits and services equip by the Australian Government.   Take a plunge through the requirements, processing time, cost and benefits factors that play a vital role in immigration to Australia and check out the few points why Australia has won millions of hearts worldwide:

Visa Categories available in Australia Immigration

Immigration to Australia is one of the hot-selling options for the migrants. With every passing year, Australia is emerging as the employment hub for immigrants across the world. To meet the unfilled gap, Aussie Government has drafted various visa programs that allow expats to live and work for a temporary or permanent basis.  Check out the Australia Immigration visa categories:

a) Skilled Migration Visa- For the Skilled workers and professionals

One of the smooth and straight-forward ways to settle in Australia is to apply via the Skilled Migration visa. This category includes points-based visas like Skilled Independent Visa, State Nominated Visa, and Skilled Regional Provisional visa.  It is a gateway to attain permanent residency in Australia.

b) Business Visa categories- For the businessmen & Entrepreneurs

Australia is the second-wealthiest nation in terms of wealth per adult, with a GDP OF A$1.69 trillion. The economy of Australia is high and the poverty rate is low, thus, Australia is the best place for investment and starting up a new business venture. You can settle permanently in Australia as most business visa programs offer Australian pr. Check out the visa categories:

c) Study Visa- For the Students

Australia ranks 8th worldwide for providing quality education to the students. Australian universities and colleges have numerous study programs and the students can choose short-study program or courses as per their desire.

d) Family visa – For the family members

One of the benefits of emigration of Australia is that you can sponsor your family members. You have the right to sponsor your family members for permanent residency.  Under the Family visa category, you can sponsor your parents, partner or children.

e) Tourist Visa – For holidays/business meetings

Australia is one of the best and idyllic places for spending holidays and vacations. With the Tourist visa, you can spend your holidays or join the official meetings or conferences happen in Australia. You can even join your relatives of family members for the short tenure. This visa lasts for three, six, or twelve months.

Australia Immigration Visa Categories

Types of Australian Immigration Visa Categories:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa-Subclass 189
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa-Subclass 190
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa-Subclass 489
  4. Employer Nomination Scheme-Subclass 186
  5. Working Holiday Visa-Subclass 417
  6. Visitor Visa- Subclass 600
  7. Distinguished Talent Visa-Subclass 124
  8. Distinguished Talent Visa-Subclass 858
  9. Child Visa – (Subclass 101/802)
  10. Parent Visa-Subclass 103
  11. Regional Sponsored Migration Visa-Subclass 187
  12. Former Resident Visa-Subclass 151
  13. Partner Visa- (Subclass 100/309)
  14. Student Visa- (Subclass 500)
  15. Student Guardian Visa – (Subclass 590)
  16. Electronic Travel Authority – (Subclass 601)
  17. E-visitor Visa- (Subclass 651)
  18. Prospective Marriage Visa- (Subclass 300)
  19. Business talent Visa (Subclass 132)
  20. Child Adoption Visa -(Subclass 102)
  21. Work and Holiday Visa – (Subclass 462)
  22. Business Innovation and Investor Visa- (Subclass 188)
  23. Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 884/864)
  24. Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143/173)
  25. New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) – Subclass 461 visa
  26. Maritime Crew Visa – Subclass 988
  27. Women At Risk Visa – Subclass 204
  28. Australian Protection Visa – Subclass 866
  29.  School Sector Visa -Subclass 571
  30. Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa – Subclass 572
  31. Higher Education Sector – subclass 573 visa
  32. Post Graduate Research Sector – Subclass 574 visa
  33. Non-Award Sector – Subclass 575 visa
  34. Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector Visa – Subclass 576
  35. ELICOS Sector Visa – Subclass 570
  36. Training and Research Visa – Subclass 402
  37. Transit Visa – Subclass 771
  38. Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485
  39. Temporary Work Visa – Subclass 420
  40. Carer Visa – Subclass 836/116
  41. Special Program Visa – Subclass 416
  42. Superyacht Crew Visa – Subclass 488
  43. Special Category Visa (Subclass 444) for New Zealand Citizens
  44. Aged Dependent Relative Visa – Subclass 114/838
  45. Orphan Relative Visa – Subclass 117/837
  46. Remaining Relative Visa – Subclass 115/835
  47. Australia Aged Parent Visa – Subclass 804/103
  48. Emergency Rescue Visa-  Subclass 203
  49. Global Special Humanitarian Visa – Subclass 202
  50. In Country Special Humanitarian Visa – Subclass 201
  51. Australia Refugee Visa -Subclass 200

Australia, the land of Kangaroos has six states and two territories. Every state has its own nomination program and the aspirants can choose their respective state to apply. In order to apply for the state nomination program, your occupation must be listed in the state occupation list of that particular state. Here are the state programs:

  1. NSW or New South Wales States Nomination Program
  2. Victoria State Sponsorship Program
  3. Western Australia State Nomination Program 
  4. Northern Territory State Nomination
  5. Queensland State Sponsorship
  6. ACT State Sponsorship Program
  7. Tasmania State Sponsorship
  8. South Australia State Sponsorship

Australia Immigration Points CalculatorAustralia is famous for its point migration system. The Australia Immigration Points system consists of the factors like Age, Work experience, qualification, English Language, Nomination from state/sponsorship territory etc. Candidates need to score 65 points to be eligible to apply for the visa but to increase the chances of getting selected; you have to score more than 65 points.  After submitting the EOI (expression of interest) in Skill Select Program, you have to score points on the points system.

Why Immigrate to Australia?

Are you unsure whether Australia is the right destination for you? Why Australia? If such thoughts have occupied your mind and stopping you to migrate, go through the below mentioned points and snap all your uncertainties:

1)    Down under land pays the highest wages across the world.

2)    Aussie ranked 2nd as per the UN polls, in providing quality of life.

3)    Its been 38 years since Australia has not seen a recession phase. Last time, Australia went through this phase was in 1981.

4)    Almost 45% of Australian people are either born overseas or has either of parents born outside the kangaroo land.

5)     Australia has its own Medicare healthcare system. Under this scheme, every permanent resident or citizen of Australia gets the benefit of free healthcare and medical services.

6)    Australian residents get the facility of visa-free travel to several countries.

7)    The permanent resident of Australia can sponsor his/her family members.

8)    Australian liveable cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth comes in the list of top 100 countries across the world.

9)    The quality and state-of-the-art education are being provided to the students; therefore, it stands 8th in the worldwide ranking. Australia offers a variety of courses and short-study programs for the students and has magnificent schools and universities.

Requirements for Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration process is quite straight-forward and involves the requirements and certain obligations. If you want to qualify for Australia Immigration, you need to go through the below—mentioned list:

a) The applicant should be less than 50 years of age.

b) First of all, the applicants (other than English-speaking countries) have to give the English-language exam like IELTS to show their English proficiency. Language exams like IELTS, PTE, and CAE are being accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration.

c) You must have sound health as well as moral character.

d) You have to go through the occupations of Medium and Long-term Skills Strategic list and Short-term skilled occupation list and choose an occupation that matches your field of expertise.

e) Have to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest).

f) In order to qualify, the aspirant has to score at least 65 points on the Australian Immigration points calculator. Your profile will be judged on the factors like Age, Qualification, Work experience, English language proficiency, etc.

g) If you want to apply under State nomination, you have to receive the nomination from State and territory government of that particular state, where you want to apply. For Regional Provisional Sponsored Visa, either you are sponsored by Australian state/territory government or from relatives living permanently in Australia.

Process and processing time of Australia Immigration

Majorly, the easiest way chosen by immigrants to migrate to Australia is Skilled Migration Visa. Australia Immigration is very facile and cogent process. The Immigration Laws and Policies are designed in such a way that it involves fewer complexities. The most accepted pathways to enter the land of Australia are General Skilled Migration and Sponsorship/nomination from the Australia state/territory or employers. Major visas like Skilled Independent Visa, State Nominated visa, and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa deals with the point-based system. The minimum requirement is 65 points but to increase the chances of receiving the ITA, you have to be in the list of highest scorers. The following stepwise process will surely help you out in understanding the Australian Immigration process:

  1. The applicants have to clear English Language Ability tests like IELTS.
  2. You must get skills assessment done from the recognized accessing authority.
  3. You have to nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List and at the same time you have to apply for the nomination from Australian state/territory ( if applying for sponsored/regional visas).
  4. After completing the above steps, you need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) through online Skills Select.
  5. If your profile gets selected, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. You will be given 60 days to submit the visa application.

If you are planning for Australia permanent residence then it is necessary to check out each and every document which shows eligibility and other major requirements.

 Processing time

The processing time of every visa program is different. The average processing time to get the permanent residency visa is between 8 -10 months. The time period may increase or decrease depending on the time of submitting the essential documents and information.


The opportunity-rich nation has piles of benefits to cater for its permanent residents and citizens. Among the many, here are the few major points to the list:

a) The permanent resident gets the right to live in the nation permanently. In addition to, the right to work is also provided.

b) The public funded healthcare system, Medicare, provide free medical and health-care facilities of the permanent residents.

c) Top-class Universities and schools are popular worldwide for providing quality education.

d) After spending initial years, the permanent resident is eligible to apply for citizenship, if he/she able to meet the eligibility criteria.

e) Australia Immigration allows you to sponsor your family members.

f) Australia is the best place to live with, laid back lifestyle, world-class cities, immigrant-friendly environment etc.

How can MakeVisas help you?

Lodging the application for Australia Immigration can be dicey as well as perplexing for the layperson as it is difficult to select the right visa option. At MakeVisas, you don’t have to be anxious about anything. Our Immigration experts navigate you the whole procedure of Australian immigration and escalate your chances of successful migration. For detailed information, you can walk in any of our offices for free consultation. You can get in touch with our Australian experts, by calling on official helpline: +91-7042184185 or drop your queries to info@makevisas.com.

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