Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is the ideal way for those Canada Immigration aspirants who have sufficient experience in a farm business and the required funds to found and start a farm in the Manitoba province. This program has replaced the Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI). Now, Manitoba immigration seems more viable for the foreign farmers who expect the true value of their capability in a developed country like Canada due to this Manitoba Farmer Immigration Program.

Manitoba occupies 12% of the farmland of Canada, mostly in the south of the province. It is expected from a candidate applying through this program to set up a farm business in the rural areas of the Manitoba province producing primary products in agreement with Manitoba’s present farming industry. This business investment and operation has to correlate with provincial statics and be applicable to the farming industry of the Manitoba Province.

Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) Requirements

CriteriaMinimum Eligibility Requirements
Experience in a Farm Business✍ Experience of minimum three years in the farm business management, farm ownership, and operation with all the required verifiable documents
Proficiency in the Official Languages✍ The FIP accepts language proficiency skills in any of the two Canadian official languages. It will increase the eligibility of the candidate to be economically established in the rural Manitoba.

✍ If you are invited to face a FIP interview, you will be interviewed in English or French.

Required Investment in Farm Business✍ Minimum $ 150,000, you will be expected to found a farming business in the rural Manitoba.

✍ The investment has to be in the eligible assets as defined by the MPNP.

✍ A farm business plan is mandatory and the main part of the application.

✍ An investment in a farm business done mainly with the intention to derive a passive investment income or a speculative purpose is not eligible.

Visit for Farm Business Research✍ An applicant has to visit Manitoba to do a Farm Business Research.
Activities in Farm Business✍ The farm business must have the existing business activities in rural Manitoba.

✍ The applicant has to live on the farm and involve in the management of the farm business on an ongoing basis from within the province.

✍ The farm business required to be in the active primary agriculture production and economically feasible.

✍ The MPNP wants its Candidates to do value-added farm business activities in the Manitoba province. Completely speculative activities or using third-party farm managers are not eligible under this program.

Adaptability for Economic Establishment✍ A candidate is required to show adaptability skills, mainly practical farming skills, technical knowledge and experience in technological based farming practices which will transfer directly to the province’s present primary farm production industry.
Funds✍ Minimum $350,000

✍ The Candidate’s personal net worth has to be verified by a third party supplier approved by the MPNP.

✍ It may be an option that the verification report with the application required to be submitted to the MPNP within a period of 120 days of getting an Invitation to apply.

 Why Pick a Manitoba Immigration Firm

Immigration to Manitoba is a very complex process. In spite of being eligible, many candidates have their application rejected due to not completing and presenting it appropriately, therefore it’s wise to have some consultation with an experienced Canada Immigration Consultancy like Make Visas immediately about Manitoba farmer immigration. it not only guides you about application issues but also keeps you aware of the latest updates relevant to your target.

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