Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Minimum Requirements:

  1. The Candidates willing to migrate to Canada must fulfil the below eligibility criteria.
    The candidate needs to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 from the Manitoba pnp points assessment list.
  2. The candidate also needs to show that they have personal connections in Manitoba with the support of various alibis like family, friends, work experience or invitation to apply under the MPNP.
  3. There are special requirements for each form of connection shown by the candidate. Find out what are the requirements for each connection below.

Manitoba Support

To provide proof that the candidate is a Manitoba supporter, he/she must fulfill the requirements listed below:
1. The person should be able to show documents that show proof that the candidate has been living in Manitoba for at least a year.
2. Proof of being a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
3. Should be able to provide proof of having ties that show that the applicant has close ties in the province.
a) To show proof of having close relatives in the province, the applicant as well as the supporter must provide documents that show the nature of their relationship.
b) The close relative of the applicant can only be one of the below:

  1. A sibling (Brother or Sister)
  2. A cousin (Niece or Nephew)
  3. Aunt or Uncle.
  4. First Cousin
  5. Mother or Father
  6. Grandmother or Grandfather.
  7. The candidate should be able to prove that they have already resulted in successful. Permanent, economic establishment in Manitoba.
  8. The supporter must be able to show proof of the fact that they can provide financial aid to the applicant’s settlement plan.

Experience in Manitoba:

To apply under this category the candidate must show proof of being a resident of Manitoba in the past either on temporary basis as a foreign skilled worker or as an international student. For being eligible to work in Manitoba the applicant must.

  1. Show a minimum 6 month continuous work experience.
  2. Show a signed letter of reference with a company letterhead.
  3. Show that he/she has a work permit to work in the province.
  4. Candidates who have studied in Manitoba earlier should be able to provide the following documents:
  5. Proof of attending an authorized training or education program from any private or public vocational or post-secondary institute in Manitoba.
  6. Provide proof of their study permit, academic mark sheets and certificates, diploma or degree certificate received after completing the program.

Manitoba Invitation

This category enables the applicants to apply for a permanent residence under the MPNP. This invites the candidates who qualify under the Strategic Recruitment Initiatives. But the invitation to apply is issued at the liking of the MPNP and so the applicants can’t choose this as a factor under the connections in Manitoba. Applicants must submit the Letter of Invitation they acquired from the MPNP after their interview for recruitment or because of any other reason.

Overseas recruitment drives are conducted on a regular basis by the MPNP and many times in partnership with their Manitoba employers, during this time the employers look for capable immigrants.

Skilled Worker Overseas

The Skilled Worker overseas program is designed to select eligible candidates based on a points-based assessment system, who are not residents of Canada. Applicants will be accepted for permanent residency visa if they have connections in the province – Manitoba Support (family or friends in Manitoba), academic or work experience in the province – Manitoba Experience, or Invitation certificate given under MPNP – Manitoba Invitation and have secured 60 points based on various factors like: age, language ability, employment experience, academic qualification and adaptability).

Get more information on Skilled Worker Overseas under Skilled Worker Immigration Stream, click here.

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