How To Get Job In Canada From UAE

There are many Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai or whole of UAE who can help to gain a job in Canada. A person can find many Canada Immigration from UAE forum wherein a prospective candidate can clear their doubts and have a clear understanding as to how to proceed further in the Canada Immigration. There are many job in hiring from Dubai and many other locations in UAE. A person can get a Work Permit for Canada from Dubai or UAE itself if they have a good profile to be considered by any Canadian Employer. Easy way to go to Canada from Dubai or UAE is to gain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada as Canadian recruiters prefer those people who have already gained Permanent Residency (PR) or have atleast started the process of getting Permanent Residency. In order to start the Canada immigration process or to get a job in Canada a candidate must take care of few things which are as follows:-

Well prepared Resume and Covering Letter

Getting Credential Assessed

Language Proficiency Certifications

Express Entry System registration

Obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) Card

Applying for the required job in Canada in the areas where they are high in demand

A person needs to be well-prepared beforehand with these things in order to gain a job in Canada as most of the Canadian employers won’t pick up a candidate without their homework done.

While applying for jobs in Canada, there are few points that a candidate’s candidature is judged upon.

Following are the points it is done on:-



Family Members


Language Ability

Work Experience

Income and/or net worth

Any further details on job

Extra Points Gainer

While immigrating to Canada following are the criteria which can help to gain extra points:-

a) Siblings in Canada

A person or a candidate can earn the extra 15 points if they have their brother or sister in Canada who are:-

A citizen or a permanent resident in Canada

They should be living in Canada

The candidate and the person in Canada should be related by blood, marriage, common law partnership or adoption

Must be 18 years old or older

Must have a parent in common

b) Knowledge of French as a Language

If a candidate scores NCLC 7 or higher as the score in all four French language skills, they will get additional benefits as follows:-

30 additional points if the CLB score is or above in all four English skills

15 additional points if the score is CLB 4 or lower in English test for all four skill sets 

Key Requirements Before Securing a Job in Canada from UAE

Before securing a job in Canada from UAE, a candidate must possess or qualify for the following key requirements:-

Appropriate English or French language proficiency test score

Must match with the basic criteria for Canada immigration

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report

Provide Health care and Character Certifications

Applying online and having a minimum score to qualify on the basis of age, location, language proficiency, experience

How to get a Job in Canada from UAE?

There are various things need to be considered when a person considers foreign land to do a job. So while considering Canada immigration a person needs to be aware as to what are the job prospects there and whether they can get a job there or not.

Following are the things that can be done in order to secure a job in Canada:-

1. Apply for Canada Permanent Residence (PR)

The best way to apply for job in Canada is to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). This leads to less stress on one-self and moreover while applying for jobs a person with Canada permanent residence (PR) would be preferred by the companies as the latter need to make any extra expenses to issue a work permit for the candidate. There are various ways through which a person can gain a Canadian permanent residence (PR):-

Process of Permanent Residency in Canada from UAE

1. Collecting the required documents

2. Deciding upon the skill level from National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A, B etc.

3. Creation of Express Entry profile

4. Minimum score of 67 points out of 100

5. Review of profile by IRCC

6. Receiving of Invitation to apply (ITA)

7. Applying for visa within 60 days of receipt of the invitation

❅ Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program is one of the most popular and convenient way to immigrate to Canada. Under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry Program candidates are allocated points in accordance with different factors like age, language, education and work experience. A candidate can view the points allocated to different factors under the  Canada Express Entry Points Calculator 2018 and can also have a look what sort of jobs are in demand under the category of Canada National Occupation Classification (NOC) list.

There are sub categories in the Express Entry Program according to Work Skills:-

a) Federal Skilled Trade Worker

b) Federal Skilled Worker Program

c) Canadian Experience Class

These work skills help to define what are the in-demand jobs in Canada and what sort of documentation is needed in order to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada. Moreover this also helps the applicant know whether it is good to apply for the visa or not as per their qualification.

Once the minimum eligibility criterion for Express Entry is met, following are the next steps:-

1. Eligible for invitation rounds.

2. Placed into pool.

❅ Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebec is one the province in Canada which has its own immigration system. Its immigration system is not included in the PNP program. Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Permanent Residence status is issued once there is there is an approval from Quebec Province and then the approval is sort by the federal government. In order to qualify for the Quebec province candidate has to fulfill the criteria of the Quebec Immigration Points calculator 2018 and can have a look at the Quebec Occupation List 2018 in order to have an idea of in-demand occupations.

❅ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

As the name suggest, under the Provincial Nominee Program, every province in Canada have their own immigration system. Permanent Residence (PR) status is allocated to candidate only if eligibility of a particular province is met. If the candidate is found eligible, they will be given Permanent Residence for that particular province and the occupation in-demand is taken into consideration at the time of evaluating the application.

Following are the provinces that offer PNP programs:-

a) Alberta PNP program

b) Manitoba PNP program

c) British Columbia PNP program

d) Newfoundland and Labrador PNP program

e) New Brunswick PNP program

f) Ontario PNP program

g) Nova Scotia PNP program

h) Saskatchewan PNP program

i) Prince Edward Island PNP program

j) Northwest Territories PNP program

k) Yukon PNP program

A point to be noted is that it is not always a job offer that is required for Canada immigration but it allows to gain the extra points if the candidate has one.

2. Canada Job Consultancies

Employment Agencies turn out to be the best option to find a job in Canada from UAE but the person has to make an effort to find a right job consultancy to do a job for him or her. Many Canadian recruiters do tend to consult these consultancies in order to search for the pool of foreign candidates. Certified job consultancies can help a person land a job in Canada with work permit.

3. Networking

Networking can go great way in finding the job for a person in Canada. They can help a person in making job search easier in Canada for people sitting in UAE. A person can also get to know what sort of vacancies are there and what is currently trending in the Canadian Market.

4. Online Job Portals

Online job portals have become very popular all over the world. A candidate can research online on different job portals and apply directly to the companies. This makes many things clear which a candidates may lose if there is a mediator in between. There are various Canadian job websites who help a person land a job in Canada.

5. Intra-Company transfer

If a person is working in a multinational company and they have their office in Canada as well then the employee can be transferred within the company branches. This is the most secure way to immigrate Canada as an employee already have a job in hand which makes a life of a foreigner really very easy. They are hired on Canada’s International Mobility program and after a couple of years stay they can apply for the Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada through Canada Experience Class Program and Provincial Nominee Program.

A point to be noted is that it is not always a job offer that is required for Canada Immigration but it allows gaining the extra points if the candidate has one.

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