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Alberta Permanent Residency (PR) is has always been a dream of many Indian immigrants. There are different ways in Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (Alberta PNP 2019) to gain Permanent Residence (PR). As per the new Alberta Immigration News, gaining a Permanent Residency has become easier. One of the most popular way to Immigrate to Canada is Alberta Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry or Alberta Express Entry 2019. Alberta has replaced Strategic Recruitment and Employer Driven Stream with Alberta Opportunity Stream which has become more easy to be a Alberta Permanent Resident.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 2019

Alberta PNP Program is the official program of the Alberta province of Canada. For applying through the program a candidate must follow the pathway through the Alberta provincial nominee program express entry. In order to apply for the Alberta PNP a candidate should full the requirements of Alberta PNP Points Calculator 2019 and moreover have a job listed under the Alberta PNP Occupation List 2019. If a candidate gets an offer from Alberta PNP 2019 system, they can apply for Permanent Residency along with their spouse/partner and with the dependent children.

Alberta PNP 2019 Categories

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program  is being divided into various categories. These define the class of employment Alberta Province considers while checking the profiles of the necessary candidates. Previously it had Strategic Recruitment, Employer Driven Stream and Self Employed Farmer Stream. But as of the latest change the Strategic Recruitment and Employer Driven Stream have been replaced and merged in one category and that is Alberta Opportunity Stream.  This has eased the process of working and gaining a Permanent Residence (PR) in Alberta province. Following are those categories explained further:-

Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

Alberta Opportunity Stream or the AOS stream replaced the two major streams i.e. Strategic Recruitment and Employer Driven Stream that previous existed in the Alberta PNP previously. There was always a confusion as to what sort of qualifications and documents were required. To avoid this confusion Alberta Opportunity Stream came into existence on June 14, 2018.

AOS provides a pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) for both i.e.  Foreign nationals who are working in Alberta  and international graduates who have completed their studies at an approved post-secondary institution

Eligibility for Alberta Opportunity Stream:-

Work Experience in occupation that is not a part of ineligible occupation list

Residency Status and work permit requirements

Language Requirement (English and/or French)


Income Level

Occupation Requirement

Presently candidates must be working in an occupation that is eligible in Alberta and moreover it should be related to the previous work experience they have gained. This is valid for individuals who have directly gone on to have their jobs.

Post graduate work permit holders who have passed their education from the post-secondary school approved by Alberta Advanced Education approved post-secondary credential, need to be employed in their field of study in Alberta. For candidates who have passed out from Advanced Education approved one year post graduate certificated must be employed in the field from which they did their under grads graduation field outside of Canada.

Self Employed Farmer Stream

The Self Employed Farmer Stream is made to attract those business people who want to live in Alberta in order to purchase and manage their own farming business. The AINP works in coordination with the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to assess the eligibility of applications in this category.

Eligibility Conditions:-

In order to be considered in the said category i.e. Self Employed Farmer Stream, following are the eligibility conditions it needs to fulfill:-

1. Proof of Farm Management Skills

Documentation related to candidate’s education, training and/or work experience

Financial documents of existing farm business

Proposed business plan for Alberta’s farm

Proof that Canadian financial institution is willing to finance your venture in Alberta

2. Proof of sufficient financials covering the sustainable farming operations of the business

Documents to demonstrate the minimum net worth of CAD 5,00,000 or confirmation to access the similar amount of funds.

Proof of minimum investment of CAD 5,00,000 of equity in primary production of farming business in Alberta

CAD 5,00,000 is the minimum amount but a candidate needs to present the document that they can invest more than the mentioned amount.

3. Proof that they will invest in Alberta’s primary production farming business

Documentation of investment intention in your proposed business plan.

Priority will be given to those who provide best opportunity for growth relevant to Alberta’s agri-food targets.

People who do not come under this category

Following are the people who are not eligible or does not qualify to come under the said category:-

Live in cares currently settled in Canada.

Refugee claimants or individual involved in a federal appeal or removal process.

Temporary foreign workers working and residing in a province apart from Alberta.

International Students studying in Canada, including students doing co-op work placements or internships as a part of their study program.

Alberta PNP processing time 2019

Every PNP program has its own processing time. So that is the reason Alberta PNP has its processing time.

Following are the points that is considered in the same:-

Nomination certificate limits for 2018

Following are the nomination certificate limits in 2018 for the Alberta PNP program:-

It is authorized to issue maximum 5600 nominations for 2018 calendar year.

It has so far issued 2277 nomination certifications in 2018.

It has approximately 4700 applications awaiting assessment for eligibility

Alberta PNP application processing

Following are the factors considered in Alberta PNP application processing but these are not restricted to the following:-

Application quality

Labor market information

Volume of Application Received

Date of Application receiving

Alberta provincial nominee program express entry

The candidates who have strong ties with Alberta and can support government’s economic development and diversification priorities will be invited to apply.  International graduates are also invited under this stream. Candidates who want to migrate to Canada  and gain a Permanent Residency (PR) has 2 years to gain the same:-

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is send to the Alberta Immigration without going through Express Entry system of Canada Immigration. If the application is successful then the candidate can apply for the Permanent Residency by uploading their profile through Express Entry

Second option is the candidate can apply by creating a profile through express entry and showing the interest in Alberta Nomination Program through the system directly.

If the candidates receive the Alberta Nomination then they can gain an extra 600 points in the comprehensive ranking system points and an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent resident (PR) in subsequent draw from Express Entry pool.

How it works?

Under the Alberta PNP Express Entry candidates in the express entry pool who are qualified enough to be part of Alberta economy are applied directly invited by the Alberta province. The candidates further can apply by the provincial nomination program in the said province. Only those candidates who receive an invite by AINP can submit the provincial nominee application under the Alberta express entry stream. Individual cannot apply for this stream.

Alberta Business Immigration Program

Alberta Business Immigration Program is operated by the Government of Canada’s department of immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada. It provides an opportunity for the entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed people a chance to be a permanent resident (PR).

In order to meet the requirements a candidate needs to fulfill the following requirements:-

1. Language Skills

2. Relevant Work Experience

3. Education

4. Proof of Funds

There are different pathways through which they can be the permanent resident in the Alberta province. These are as follows:-

✍ Start-up Visa

Any candidate who has an innovative business idea or venture, they can apply for the startup visa in Alberta Business Program.

To be eligible for the program a candidate should fulfill the following things:-

1. Have qualifying business

2. Prove your business is supported by designated organization

3. Meet the language requirements

4. Bring enough money to settle

✍ Immigration Investor Venture Plot

Under the immigration investor venture plot if a candidate’s net worth is minimum CAD 10 million they may apply for Permanent Residency (PR) under the provisions of IRCC’s investor program.  Moreover a candidate should also make a non-guaranteed investment of CAD 2 million.

Following are the eligibility conditions that a candidate needs to fulfill in order to make it through to this visa:-

1. Proving Personal net worth

2. Non-guaranteed investment in a venture capital fund

3. Language Skills

4. Education

✍ Self Employed Persons Program

In the self-employed persons program, candidates who really wish to get self-employed in the Alberta province can apply through this program.

Following are the points where candidates are to prove their eligibility in order to proceed in the program and be the Alberta Permanent resident:-

1. Relevant Experience

2. Intend and be able to be self-employed in Canada

3. Meet the selection criteria for self employed people

4. Meet medical, security and other conditions

Alberta Caregiver Program

Candidates who provide child care or home support for seniors or people with disabilities come under the umbrella term of Alberta Caregiver Program. It is open to skilled and semi-skilled foreign nationals. After 2 years of working as a caregiver in Alberta, candidate can apply for Permanent Residence.

Following are the eligibility conditions for the same:-

Language Skills

Work Experience


Applying for Caregiver Program

A candidate can become eligible and apply for the program under following circumstances:-

✍ Caring for Children Pathway

In this a candidate can provide the child care at home. It can be done while living either in or outside the home.

✍ Caring for People with high medical needs Pathway

In this the candidate must provide the care for the elderly or people with disabilities or chronic diseases in a healthy and safe environment or a home.

✍ Live-in care giver program

Live in care giver program is the blend of above two. Under this the candidate is considered who has provided care for children, the elderly or people with disability while living in the home.

Alberta Family Sponsorship Program

The family sponsorship program enables the Canadian citizen or the Permanent Resident holders who are above the age of 18 can sponsor their relatives who can live, work and study in Alberta Permanently.

Following are the proofs that will be asked by the candidate in picture if they want to sponsor their family:-

Fulfilling the basic needs for yourself and family

Support the relatives financially so that they are not dependent on the government.

This visa helps to unite the families of the immigrants who are well settled in the Alberta province and are contributing in its economy.

Sponsor a Refugee

The Canadian government runs a program that is named as Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program. In this the people who need protection who are outside the Canada and their home country. This program provides the opportunity to people to sponsor the refugees and give them the chance to be Alberta Permanent Resident.

Following are the programs under these can be done:-

Groups of five

Community Sponsors

Sponsorship Agreement Holders

Joint Assistance Sponsorship Program

Blended Visa-Office Referred Program

Other ways to immigrate to Alberta

There are many people who do not fall under all the above categories. But still they have the option to enter in Alberta and be a Alberta Permanent Resident (PR). The options listed as under:-

You are protected person

You are a temporary Resident Permit Holder

There is humanitarian and compassionate consideration.

For more updates upon the Alberta Permanent Residence please do reach us on +91-7042184185/ Email your queries on info@makevisas.com.

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