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Canada work permit is one of the fastest ways through which the candidate can get a Canadian permanent residence. There are various types of Canada work permit visas which cater to different professionals. A candidate needs to submit a Canada work permit application and need to pay a Canada work permit fee initially to be considered for the Canada work permit process. The Canada work permit processing time and Canada work permit duration may vary according to the each case filed. There are various Canada work permit for Indians as well. Following are the major work categories for the Canada work permit jobs:-

Types of Canada Work Permit Jobs

Under the Canada immigration, Canadian government has defined following job types in order to attract foreign skilled workers and fulfill the deficiency in the Canadian job market:-

1. Employer Specific Work Permit

As the name suggests the employer specific work permit under the Canada work permit job, allows a candidate to get the work permit for a specific employer only. Under this a candidate cannot switch their employers.  Following are the conditions on this sort of work permit:-

How long a candidate can work for the employer.

Name of the employer the candidate is working for.

Location where a candidate can work for the employer (if applicable).

2. Open Work Permit

Under the open work permit head under Canada work permit job, a candidate can work for any employer in Canada. There is no restriction on candidate to be stuck with one employer. Under this the employer does not need a LMIA. Following are the employers not included in the same:-

An employer who offers escort services, striptease, erotic dance or erotic massages.

An employer who is listed in the ineligible list of employers who have failed to comply with the conditions

3. Full Time Permanent Job Work Permit

A candidate under the full time permanent job work permit becomes eligible for the Canadian permanent residency status. This offers a great opportunity for the candidates who are looking to immigrate and settle in Canadian land. There are few categories under this head where a candidate can gain a full time job:-

✎ Federal Skilled Trades Program

✎ Canadian Experience Class Program

✎ Federal Skilled Worker Program

✎ Provincial Nominee Program

The Arranged Employment under the category of Federal Skilled Worker Program or a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) provides a candidate with a fast track Canada Immigration.

4. Temporary Employment Work Permit

Candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada as soon as possible falls under the temporary employment work permit category. The candidates are allowed in Canada for a short period of time and gain a Canada work permit job. But under this the employers have to prove that they were unable to find the suitable Canadian citizens for the said job.

There are many foreigners who come to Canada on temporary visa but eventually through fast track immigration through Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Experience Class or Arranged Employment apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Family Members working in Canada

Under the temporary employment work permit category of the Canada work permit job, the permit holder may take their families with them to Canada under specific conditions. Family member require a separate work permit if they would like to work in Canada.

Open work permit for spouse

Under some circumstances spouses or common law partners of work permit holders are eligible for open work permit. But the spouse’s eligibility for open work permit depends upon the skill level of temporary foreign worker’s job.

High Skilled Foreign worker’s spouse can work under the open work permit with the condition that the permit holder works atleast for six months on the Canadian land.

Under the low skilled work permit, the permit holder’s spouse are only eligible to apply under the active pilot project.

Jobs in Canada without work permit

There are many jobs listed in the Canada work permit jobs that do not require a work permit to come and work in Canada. The foreign workers may immigrate to Canada and work there if they fall under any of the following categories:-

Athletes and Team Members

Convention Organizers

Military Personal


Public Speakers

Examiners and Evaluators

Expert Witnesses or Investigators

Judges, Referees and similar professionals

Implied Status

Civil Aviation Inspectors

Farm Work

Emergency Service Providers

Aviation Accident or Incident Inspectors

Foreign Representatives and their family members

Foreign Government Officers

Performing Artists

News Reporter and Media Crew

Health Care Students


Off Campus Work

Business Visitor

The above list is updated list of candidates eligible for Canada immigration without work permit. This list may change from time to time. A candidate needs to update themselves with the list in order to proceed further.

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