Green Card Scheme

Denmark Green Card Scheme allows an individual to stay and work in Denmark. You are eligible to get work and residence permit under Danish card if you manage to score well on points system. If you get residence permit under the Scheme, you don’t have to apply for the separate work visa as residence permit allows you to look for the job and do work in Denmark. You have to meet the eligibility requirements to apply. Check out the details about this scheme.

Note: Denmark Green Card Scheme is currently unavailable and not accepting visa applications till further notice.

Danish Green Card Eligibility Requirements

The process of Denmark Green Card is not complicated as it sounds. It is totally a point-based system and you have to score the minimum of 100 points on the points system based on the factors like age, language proficiency, education, work experience and adaptability to be eligible to apply for Denmark Green card.The candidate has to meet the requirements of Points based system and get 100 points on it.  The points are based on the factors like Age, Education level, language ability, work experience, adaptability etc. check out the brief details about the factors:

  1. Education– The applicant should be the holder of a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree. You may get bonus points if you are graduated/post graduated from the World’s top 400 universities. There is a chance of attaining extra points if your chosen occupation is mentioned on the Denmark Positive Occupation List.
  2. Language Ability –You must have command in one of the languages like English, German, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian and you need to provide documents to support your statement. If your overall IELTS score is 5.6, you will get 20 points on the points system and if it is 6.5, then 40 points.
  3. Adaptability – You may get bonus points, if you have worked or studied in European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.
  4. Your occupation should be listed in the Denmark Positive List.
  5. You should either be a Bachelor Degree or Master Degree Holder.
  6. You need to have sufficient funds to support yourself and your accompanying family members(if any) during your stay in Denmark.
  7. You must have good health and character requirements.

How are the points awarded?- Denmark Points System

Education LevelPoints
Bachelor’s degree/Graduated from medium-length education30
Bachelor’s degree followed by one-year Master’s degree50
Master’s degree60
Bonus points if your University falls under world’s top universities
Top 40010
Top 20015
Top 10020
Language Skills
Danish level 105
Danish level 210
IELTS 5.0-6.0 Band or Danish level 320
IELTS 6.5 Band or Studies Danish as second language for 1 year of study or work.40
Completion of 1 year of study in  higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland05
Completion of 3-5 year of study in higher education program in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland10
Professional Experience in EU/EEA/Switzerland Points
1 year (12 consecutive months) legal residence and work in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland.05
2 year (24 consecutive months) legal residence and work in EU/EEA Country or Switzerland.10
Danish Language skills in education as Level 205

Processing time and Fees of this Scheme

After the submission of application, it takes around 8-12 weeks for processing. The final decision is completely depend on the Denmark Immigration Authorities.The fee for Denmark Green Card Scheme for primary applicant is DKK 7,210. If you want to bring your family members in Denmark along with you, you have to pay DKK 1,720 for the additional applicant. You can bring your family members to Denmark only if you have got job or settled at an official address in Denmark.


Under Denmark Green Card , you get the residence permit for up to two years. Prior to expire of the permit, you may apply for the extension up to three years. And, lately you can apply for the extension of three years at one go. The extension to your resident permit is given only if you have achieved the target of minimum salary criteria. You may apply for more than one job, to achieve the target.

Benefits of the Denmark Green Card Scheme

  1. Your family members can accompany you in Denmark and enjoy the privilege to work, live and study, once you get settled.
  2. You may pay a visit to all the countries of the Schengen area without holding any visa.
  3. You may apply for the permanent residency if you have met the certain conditions and requirements.
  4. You may bring your family members in Denmark, where, they can live, study and work, once you are settled.

For availing more information about Denmark Green Card Scheme, you can call on the official helpline +91-7042184185/ Email your queries on info@makevisas.com or visit our official website.