Family Visa

Denmark Family Visa allows you to apply for a residence permit if you have relative or close family member living in Denmark who is a Danish citizen, have the permanent residence permit or is a refugee. For being eligible to apply, you have to meet the certain requirements.


In search of a successful and high standard lifestyle millions of people migrate to Denmark leaving their partners or parents behind. But as it is known that no happiness is complete without our family involved in it. Denmark brings family visa programs for those individuals who are already residing in Denmark or want to immigrate to this nation with their family.

Denmark for sure is the perfect place to establish your family and kids. Along with a peaceful standard of life Denmark offers interesting business opportunities, high quality education, health and old age benefits, and secure surroundings. Denmark can be the best choice when you are thinking for a successful settlement of your family and life. In order to bring immigrants’ family together and support dependent partners or parents, Denmark government launched ‘Family Reunification scheme’. It allows eligible migrants to sponsor their family members to join them in Denmark.

Who are eligible to apply for Denmark Family Visa?

If you are a spouse/registered partners/ cohabiting partners, children or other family members of a person who is living in Denmark can apply for this visa. If you get the residence permit, it will be for the temporary period. You can apply to extend your residence permit before the expiry of the visa. You have to meet the requirements in order to apply for the permanent residence permit. Under the residence permit based on the Family visa, you are free to work in Denmark.

a) Spouse and De-facto partners

If your spouse or De-facto partner is a citizen, o permanent residence holder in Denmark and wants you to accompany him/her in Denmark, you are eligible to apply for a residence permit on the Family visa.

b) Children

If your age is less than 18 years and your parents are citizens or permanent residence holder or a Refugee in Denmark, you are eligible to apply for the residence permit on the Denmark Family Visa.

c) Other Family members

This category includes the other family members than children below 15 years and spouse/partners
Basic requirements to you and your spouse/de-facto partners

a) You and your partner should be more than 24 years of age.
b) Your partner should be the holder of the Danish residence permit on the premise of asylum or have
c) Your spouse/partner must have desired funds to support you and him/her.

Basic requirements to you and your parents

a) The child should be single and unmarried.
b) Your any of the parents must be a holder of Danish residence permit on the premise of asylum or is been the holder of a permanent residence permit for the past three years.
c) Your one of parents, have to meet section of conditions of

Documents Requirements 

a) You have to create a user ID while submitting your visa application or appeal with a fee.

b) You have to create your Order ID, deposit your fee and submit your application in the one year. Your application may get rejected if you deposit the fee before 1 January and submitting the visa application in the next year.

c) You have to submit below-given documents like:

1) Documents of paid fee
2) Photocopy of all the pages of the passport
3) Marriage certificate (if you are married)
4) Documents of your financial funds
5) Documents to show that you have passed Danish test (if you have to meet the Danish language requirement)
Your application has been submitted correctly, if you have created the user ID, paid the fee, submitted the application and record of your biometric features have been done.

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