British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BCPNP is a Canada Immigration program allows skilled workers, International Graduates, Entrepreneurs, to settle and work in the province permanently. British Columbia PNP is one of the popular PNPs among all the other Canada’s PNPs. British Columbia conducts regular draws and invites immigrants who can meet the labor gap in the province and enhance the economy.

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What are the various streams to apply for British Columbia PNP? 

Candidates having plans to Immigrate to British Columbia and settle there as a permanent resident,  can apply through below-given programs for British Columbia PNP:

a) Skills Immigration

  1. Skilled Worker Category
  2. Health Care Professional Category
  3. International Graduate Category
  4. International Post Graduate Category
  5. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

b) Entrepreneur Immigration

  1. Entrepreneur Category
  2. Strategic Projects Category

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What are the BC PNP eligibility requirements?

a) Skilled Worker Category 

Candidates with a job offer from the BC employer and have required job experience required by the BC employer can immigrate to BC through this category.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. An applicant must have a job offer from the BC employer.
  2. Must have at least two years of work experience in the job occupation.
  3. Should be eligible to immigrate to BC through legal terms.
  4. Must meet the minimum language requirements for NOC B occupations.

b) Health Care Professional

A candidate with experience and eligible job offers, as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals may apply.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. A candidate must have a job offer from a public health authority that includes Physician, Specialist , Registered Nurse , Registered Psychiatric Nurse , Nurse Practitioner , An Allied Health Professional , Able to show he/she can support oneself.

2. Must able to meet the minimum language requirements.

3. Must have minimum of two years of experience in the offered job.

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c) International Graduate Category

Applicants who have studied and hold the degree/certificate of Canada within the duration of last three years are eligible to apply under this category provided they have a valid job offer from the BC employer.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Have accepted full-time job offer from the BC employer.

2. Occupation should be avaialble in NOC list

3. Employer requirements should be met

4. Meet the minimum lanaguge proficiency requirement.

d) International Post-Graduate Category

This category has been designed for those aspirants who have a Masters or Doctoral degree from the BC University or College in natural, applied or health sciences. You don’t require job offer to apply under this category.

Eligibility Requirements:

1.An applicant has to meet the minimum requirement of the occupation.

2. Must have sufficient funds to settle down in BC.

4.Intention to live and contribute to BC’s economy

5. Candidates with  occupations classified as NOC level 0 or A, doesn’t require english lanaguage results.

e) Semi-Skilled and Entry Level Category

Semi-skilled and Entry Level candidates who want to settle down in BC can apply. You have to meet the below-given requirements:

  1. Must have at least 9 months ofcontinuous work experience in one of the following industries that include tourism and hospitality, long-haul trucking, food processing.
  2. Must have full-time employment with your employer during the process of both BC PNP and PR applications
  3. A candidate must have complete high school.

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a) British Columbia (BC PNP) Express Entry

British Columbia BCPNP- Express Entry is aligned with the national government’s Express Entry Immigration Selection system and enables the applicants who can fill the labor gap and enhance the local economy by contributing in the province. A provincial nomination certificate is given by the BC PNP to the selected candidates to apply for permanent residency.

These Skills Immigration categories could be processed by means of the BC PNP Express Entry

  1. International Post-Graduate Category
  2.  International Graduate Category
  3. Health Care Professional Category
  4. Skilled Worker Category

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b) BC PNP Skills Immigration

British Columbia Skilled Worker Category: The candidates with an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation fall under this category. The candidate must have the required year experience in their own skilled occupation.

Health Care Professional Category: This category is for those individuals having some work experience and an eligible job offer, as nurses, physicians, psychiatric nurses, or allied health professionals can apply. An eligible job offer is compulsory for one of eleven qualifying health occupations.

International Graduate Category: It is for the applicants who have done their graduation from an eligible Canadian university or college in the last 3 years. A job offer is a must from an employer of British Columbia in this subcategory.

International Post-Graduate Category: This category is those graduates having Masters or Doctoral degrees from an eligible educational institution in British Columbia in the natural, applied, or health sciences programs of study. The candidate doesn’t need any job offer for this category.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category: A worker in particular entry-level or semi-skilled positions in food processing, hospitality/tourism, or long-haul trucking, those holding entry-level or semi-skilled positions working and living in the Northeast Development Region of the province British Columbia can be considered eligible via this program for immigration.

What is British Columbia PNP Points Calculator ? 

The British Columbia government declared a new Skills Immigration Registration System to make processing easier to applicants of  British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program on 27, January 2016. British Columbia PNP points calculator examines the profile of a candidate based on factors like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability.The score is given to candidates based on the information provided in their online profile.

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What is the processing time of British Columbia PNP ?

British Columbia PNP has the fast immigration process comapred with the other PNPs of Canada. The estimated processing time for the BCPNP is around 2-4 months after the submission of profile. But, every stream of BCPNP has a different processing time.

a) Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC : 2-3 Months

b) Entrepreneur Immigration 

  • First Stage : 6 Weeks (From the Date of Registration Submission)
  • Second Stage  : 4 Months​(From the Date of Application Submission)

For availing more information about British Columbia Provincial Nominee program (BC-PNP) or to get a guide for BC PNP, call the corporate hotline +91-7042184185 / Email your queries on info@makevisas.com.

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