Family of a Settled Person Visa

A family of a Settled Person Visa allows a UK citizen, an EU citizen, or an individual who has infinite leave to remain (permanent residence) to sponsor his/her family members to come to the UK and stay permanently. You can apply for this visa if you want to join your family in the UK or want to remain with your family member in the UK. If you’re non-nationals of European Countries and wish to join your spouse or family members who’re residing in the UK permanently for the span of six months and above. The applicant has to meet the eligibility requirements, including finance requirements to apply for the visa.

Requirements of the Family of a Settled Person Visa

In order to apply for the Family of a Settled Person Visa to join your family members, you have to meet the below-given requirements:
a) Your partner or family member must be a British Citizen, settled in the UK, or have humanitarian protection in the UK.
b) Your age should be 18 or above.
c) You and your family member/spouse relation should be genuine and valid under the UK Laws.
d) If you are joining your parents in the UK, you should be single and less than 18 years of age. You will be not benefitted by the public funds and you must have sufficient funds to support yourself.
e) If you’re coming to join your partner in the UK, you are either married, engaged to be married or living together for last two years with your partner who is UK citizen, the British citizen or permanent residence in the UK. You have to prove that your marriage is valid as per the UK laws and policies.
f) If you’re visiting the UK to look after your child, your child must be less than 18 years. He/she should be a British citizen or settled in the UK.

Financial requirements

If you wish to join your spouse, civil partner or unmarried person in the UK, they need to have adequate savings to support you and the dependent child. However, if your family members are under asylum or humanitarian protection law, they don’t have to meet the financial requirement.

Number of family members on the applicationFinancial requirements
Partner and one dependent child£22,400.00
Each additional dependent child£2,400.00


a) You have the right to extend your visa , if you want to continue your stay in the UK.
b) If you’ve applied as a partner, you can stay for 33 months in the UK.
c) You are allowed to live in the UK for the span of seven months if you apply as an engaged partner or proposed civil partner.
d) You can live in the UK without any limitations if you want to join your parents who are British citizens or settled in the UK.

If you wish to apply for the Family of a settled person visa to remain in the UK with your family member, you should be from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland, are already in the UK. You can either apply to extend your visa or to switch to a ‘Family of a settlement visa’. Here are the below-given requirements that need to be fulfilled:
a) Your family member is either a British citizen, settled in the UK or have asylum in the UK.
b) The other requirements for every category are different.


a) You can live and reside for the span of two years and six months.
b) If you want to continue your stay, you can apply to extend your stay period in the UK.
c) You are eligible to apply for the permanent settlement in the UK.
d) You can work in the UK until you have applied for the extended period to get married or to be civil partners.
e) Your family members can accompany you.
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