USA M1 and M2 Visa

The M1 visa and M2 visa allow their holders to study in the USA and keep the company of their dear one respectively. The latter visa is issued to the dependents of the M1 visa holders who want to keep the company of their dear ones in the USA. While the former one is used for the study purpose. Keep reading further to know more about each one of them.

Unfortunately, the USA immigration is very tough and complicated. To overcome confusion and be sure, there is not any option except for hiring an efficient immigration expert who has thorough knowledge about the whole system like application submission, documents required, visa fees, the exact time for the whole process and so on. Apart from all this, you can be updated with the latest immigration policy, rule change, and other systems necessary for a candidate, and increase your chances for being considered for the M1 and M2 visa USA. It’s wise to keep reading further to know more about each one of them separately:

M1 Visa

An M1 visa makes for a foreigner who wants study in the USA to go there and study on a full-time vocational course at a designated technical college or other educational institution. The M1 visa USA can’t be used for the purpose of studying academic courses, like degrees.

M1 Visa Requirements

To be eligible for the M1 visa, a candidate has to satisfy all the M1 Visa requirements, and some of them are given below:

  1. The candidate has to show and prove that they have sufficient funds to pay their tuition fees and living costs while they stay in the USA, like bank statements.
  2. They must provide a passport-style photo.
  3. The applicant must have their own residence in their own country, and strongly intend to get back there after the completion of the study.
  4. The individual applying for this visa is deeply tied to their home country. They have a family, assets, and an employment offer after the completion of the study.
  5. They must have a secure place at a US technical college or any eligible vocational education institution. Apart from this, a copy of Form-I-20 is a must.

M1 Visa Duration

An M1 Visa holder can stay in the USA for the full length of their studies as specified on their copy of Form I-20, up to maximum period of 1 year initially.

M1 Visa Extension

An M1 visa extension is possible for another 2 years. The maximum total period of the visa is 3 years if this time is needed for the course completion.

M2 Visa

An M2 visa falls in the category of nonimmigrant visas. It makes possible for dependents of eligible M1 visa holders like their spouses and children below to go to the USA and live with their dear ones.

M2 Visa Requirements

The M2 visa requirements are given below:

  1. The individual going to apply for this visa needs to demonstrate and prove their firm intention to stay in the US temporarily.
  2. They must provide evidence that they are the dependent spouse or child (below 21) of the M1 visa candidate.

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