Manitoba Business Investor stream

There are two options open for applicants under the business investor stream.

  1. The Entrepreneur Pathway
  2. The Farm Investor Pathway (Which will replace the Manitoba Farm and Strategic Recruitment Initiative.)

NOTE: Currently BIS isn’t accepting any profiles under Expressions of Interest. The applications for the same will reopen once both the Entrepreneur and the Farm Investor Pathway comes into effect in 2018.

Business Investor Stream: An Analysis

There are two streams to immigrate under the Manitoba Business Investor Stream, both the streams require the candidates to apply under the Expression of Interest (EOI) where the eligible applicants are required to submit a statement mentioning why do they intend to apply to the program.

The first step towards making an EOI is by creating an online profile. Only the eligible profiles are put in the Business Investor Stream Expression of Interest pool with other eligible applicants, that are then scored based on the answers that have been provided by the applicants. In the next step the profiles are ranked on the basis of the total number of points availed by the candidates under the BIS adaptability assessment matrix.

The candidates can avail points based on various factors like age, experience, net worth, business knowledge, business experience, proficiency in Canada’s official languages (English and French), etc.

The candidates who end up with the highest overall score will get an invitation to apply in the form of a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). Once the applicants receives the LAA they have 60 days to submit a complete application to the Manatobian government.

Adaptability Assessment Matrix

The Adaptability Assessment Matrix is a table that helps in evaluating the candidates potential to properly settle in the state of Manitoba and be financially stable.

The applicant must score a minimum 60 points to be eligible for a nomination.

Age (Maximum 15 points)

Under 210
21 to 245
25 to 2910
30 to 4415
45 to 495
50 to 545
Over 540

Business Knowledge (Maximum 15 points)

Business KnowledgePoints
Business Owner and Manager (more than 50% ownership)15
Business Owner and Manager (20% to 50% ownership)12
Senior Manager10
  1. A minimum of three years business ownership experience is required to be able to avail the points mentioned here.
  2. In case the applicant has ownership or partnership in more than one business venture, then points will only be awarded for the applicants main business.
  3. In case the business is owned in partnership by the applicant and the spouse then the applicant will avail points under the combined partnership along with their spouse.
  4. In case the applicant owns shares less than 20% shares of the company, then the applicant must be on the position of a senior manager to be able to qualify under the MPNP-B category.

Business Experience (Maximum 15 points)

Length of ExperiencePoints
10 years of more15
Above 6 to 10 years10
Above to 3 to 6 years5
  1. Points under this category are awarded only if the candidate has experience on the senior management else in a business ownership as required by the MPNP-B category. If the candidate has experience other than the above mentioned prospects, in that case the experience will not be counted.

Net Worth (Maximum 15 points)

Total Net WorthPoints
Over $2.5 million15
Above $2 million to $2.5 million14
Above $1.5 million to $2 million13
Above $1 million to $1.5 million12
Above $500,000 to $1 million10
$350,000 to $500,0008

English and/or French Fluency (Maximum 20 points)

DescriptionCLB/NCLC or equivalent test scoresPoints
Higher language proficiency — candidates who are well versed and fluent in English or French.Above 620
Moderate language proficiency — candidates who know are fluent enough to communicate in everyday life.4 to 615
No/little English/French language proficiency — candidates who are not at all fluent in English or French.Less than 40

Enhanced Settlement Factors (Maximum 20 points)

Settlement FactorsPoints
The applicant has visited Manitoba for at least five working days and conducted relevant business and lifestyle-related research15
The applicant’s spouse has a high language proficiency (CLB score of 5 or above)10
The applicant has a close relative currently residing in Manitoba for more than one year5
The applicant’s child is enrolled in an accredited Manitoba educational institution at least six months prior to the date of submission of Nomination Application and is actively pursuing academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis.5
The applicant or accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed a program of full-time study of at least one year at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba. This must have been done after turning 17 years old and with a valid study permit.
The applicant or accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed at least six months of continuous full time employment in Manitoba. The applicant must provide a letter of reference from his/her employer and a copy of his/her work permit.
  1. The candidate must have visited the state to carry out the exploratory research must not be conducted for more than one year in advance of submitting the EOI.
  2. When bringing dependent children, the applicants are required to submit documents regarding the admission of their children in an accredited educational institution.
  3. The applicant must have one close relative residing in Manitoba or should possess a Canadian citizenship and must provide proof of being well established and other proofs like proof of employment, residence etc.



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