British Columbia PNP Express Entry Program

British Columbia PNP Express Entry program is linked with the federal Express Entry program. This stream allows the candidates to have the processing of their visa for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) and permanent residency in priority basis.

In order to be eligible for the program, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility conditions of different sub-categories in whichever category they fall in.  Following are the sub-categories:-

1) Skilled Workers (Health care professionals are included in this)

The candidates who have post-secondary education or training and employment experience in professional, technical, management, trade or other skilled occupations are considered under this category. The candidate must have experience in the occupation listed in skill level 0, A or B of National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Candidates should possess a full time employment offer in skilled occupation from one of the British Columbia’s employer. The candidate’s work experience in paid co-op work placements is only accepted in this stream.

CategoryEmploymentOccupationExperienceEducationFurther requirements
BC Express Entry —Skilled WorkerFull-time indefinite job offer from an eligible British Columbia employerSkill Level 0, A or BAt least 2 years of directly related (or equivalent  to full-time) work experienceApplicable credentials or qualificationsCandidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program

Candidate must meet minimum income requirements

British Columbia Express Entry —Health Care ProfessionalsFull-time job offer from a Public Health Authority in B.C.Physicians, specialist physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives and allied health professionalsMinimum two years of directly-related full-time work experienceApplicable licensing or registrationCandidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program

Candidate must meet minimum income requirements

Candidate must meet all the requirements of the BC PNP Skills Immigration – Health Care Professional Category.

2) International Graduates

Candidates who have graduated from the Canadian universities or colleges in past 3 years are eligible to apply for the international graduate’s stream. Before applying for the program, graduates should possess a full time job offer from eligible British Columbia employer.

Candidates ought to possess degree, certification or diploma from a recognized post secondary institution in Canada. Moreover the undergraduates or graduate degrees ought to have obtained degree from Canadian post secondary institution which is authorized to give away the degrees.

A point to be noted at this stage is that, the program won’t be eligible for the candidates if they spend one-quarter of the program time in co-op work term or internship.

CategoryEmploymentOccupationExperienceEducationFurther requirements
International GraduateFull-time indeterminate job offer* from an eligible B.C. employerOccupation Skill Level 0, A or BNot requiredEligible degree or diploma from a Canadian college or universityCandidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program

Candidate must meet minimum income requirements.

3) International Post Graduates

Candidates who possess the master’s or doctor’s degree within the past 3 years of eligible program from the post secondary institution in Canada are eligible to apply under this stream. But these degrees will only be considered under the program if the candidate has graduated from any of the following courses:-

✍ Biological and Biomedical Sciences

✍ Engineering

✍ Agriculture

✍ Computer, information sciences and support services

✍ Health professionals and related clinical services

✍ Engineering Technology

✍ Natural Resources Conversation and Research

✍ Mathematics and statistics

✍ Physical Sciences

An intention to reside in the province from the candidate’s side is to be presented while filing the application. For filing the application following are the documents required for proving candidate’s intention:-

✍ Connection with the province of British Columbia by the work, family or study

✍ Length of current and previous period of residence.

✍ Any action’s description which are taken to settle in the province. The actions may include finding a job or place to live.

CategoryEmploymentEducationFurther requirements
British Columbia Express Entry— International Post GraduateJob offer not requiredMaster’s or doctoral degree from a British Columbia institution. It is only open for graduates of natural, applied or health sciences.Candidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program

Candidate must meet minimum income requirements

BC PNP Express Entry Process

In order to be eligible under British Columbia Express Entry, candidates need to follow a certain process. Following is the process that needs to be followed in order to be eligible:-

1) Registration

The first step in the BC Express Entry Program is to register with Skills immigration Registration System (SIRS).  All the aspects of the candidate’s profile is assessed against the BC labour market needs.The factors judged are as follows:-

✍ Education

✍ Experience

✍ Language Ability

✍ Wage

2) Invitation

Candidates eligible under the BC Express EntrySkilled Worker and International Graduates – will receive invitation to apply under the stream. The candidates are issued invitations in the BC Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) annual nomination.

3) Application

Candidates should submit their application after they receive invitation from the province’s Express Entry program. Under the British Columbia Express Entry Healthcare Professionals and International Students Post-Graduate candidates doesn’t need any invitations, they can apply directly to the program.

4) Nomination

After the submission the candidates gets the provincial nomination and can apply for permanent residency in IRCC.

Minimal Income Required

Candidates need to maintain a minimum income threshold. This income threshold depends upon the size of the family. In order to eligible a candidate must meet the following condition:-

✍ Main candidate’s income

✍ Spouse income (if applicable)

✍ Annual Wage in the province. Wage includes the following things:-

✍ Bonuses

✍ Living Allowances

✍ Tips

✍ Commissions

✍ Overtime

Family SizeRegional District area of Greater Vancouver Rest of British Columbia
7 or more$60,350$50,296

BC PNP Express Entry Processing Time

Though BC PNP processing time depends 80 percent upon the completion of application and the documents provided. It may vary from the change in program capacity.  The approximate time it takes to process the application is 2 to 3 months.

For more information call the Corporate Hotline: +91-7042184185 / Email your related queries on info@makevisas.com.

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