Manitoba Morden Immigration

Minimum Requirements:

  1. To be eligible to apply for the Morden immigration initiative under the MPNP, applicants must:
    Be between 21 and 45 years of age;
  2. Have no other connection to other parts of Canada (i.e. through friends, relatives, or previous employment or education);
  3. Have completed a post-secondary education or training program of at least one year duration, for which they received a diploma, certificate, or degree;
  4. Have at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years;
  5. Have passed a General IELTS test with a minimum score of five in each band;
  6. Have the genuine intention and ability to economically establish themselves and settle in Morden;
  7. Have settlement funds as required by MPNP ($10,000 for the Principal Applicant and $2,000 for each dependent). This is in addition to any funds needed for exploratory visit expenses.

The Morden immigration initiative works with local employers to identify these targeted occupations and satisfy local labor market needs. Candidates must fall within one of the following targeted occupations:

  1. Cabinet Makers;
  2. Manufacturing (specifically at entry level);
  3. Factory sewing machine operators, and
  4. Heavy vehicle mechanics.

The initiative will favor candidates who have experience of living in a rural area, with the ability to adapt to culture and climate. Candidates who fulfill the criteria and have been selected as potential immigrants to Morden under the initiative will be required to make an exploratory visit to the area. The main purpose of the visit is to pass the MPNP interview, though making local contacts and seeking employment opportunities are also suggested.

Application process:

The following steps provide an overview of the application process. In order to apply and come to Canada, an individual may:
Step 1: Determine his or her eligibility (requirements above).

Step 2: Submit an application. Candidates must have the following items in order to apply:

  1. Application form;
  2. C.V. or resume for the principal applicant and spouse;
  3. Copy of passport;
  4. IELTS result; and
  5. Proof of Settlement Funds (scan of bank statement and/or property estimation).

Step 3: If an individual is selected, he or she will be given an invitation to come for an exploratory visit.

Step 4: During the exploratory visit, the candidate will research Morden and prepare for his or her interview with an MPNP officer at the end of the visit.

Step 5: If after the interview with the MPNP officer, the officer deems the individual is a good fit for MCDII and MPNP, he or she will be given an invitation to apply for MPNP.

Step 6: The individual may apply online for provincial nomination through the MPNP. This is usually done after he or she returns home from the exploratory visit.

Step 7: If, after the individual is reviewed by MPNP, it is determined that he or she meets all minimum qualifications of MPNP, he or she will be given a Nomination Letter from the MPNP.

Step 8: Using this Nomination Letter, the individual may apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC) as a provincial nominee.

Step 9: IRCC will do further review, including medicals and criminal record checks.

Step 10: Once the individual receives Permanent Residence Visas, he or she can make arrangements to move to Morden, along with any accompanying family members.

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