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Alberta Immigration for business by investment is operated by Government of Canada’s department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Under the Alberta Immigration the business program by investment gives opportunity to entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed people to gain Permanent Residence under this category. There are different ways to do so under Alberta Business Immigration by investment but before being eligible for them they need to have some basic qualification which are as follows:-

Language Skills

Relevant work experience


Proof of Funds

Following are the pathways for the same:-

1. Start-up Visa

Under this category of Alberta Immigration for Business by investment if a candidate has an innovative business idea or venture they can apply for the same. The venture would be suggested by the designated organization:-

✍ Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the startup visa following are the conditions you need to fulfill:-

✍ Have a qualifying business

Following are the criteria under this:-

✍ Each candidate holds 10% or more of the voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time

Both the candidate and the designated organization jointly holds 50% of the voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time.

At the time a candidate receives a permanent residence following are things needs to be done:-

The business should be incorporated in Canada

A candidate provides active and ongoing management of business from within Canada

A major or the essential portion of the business happens in Canada

✍ Meet the language requirement

In order qualify for the startup visa a candidate needs to qualify and get Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French in all the portions of test i.e. speaking, reading, listening and writing. If the language requirement is not met the application would be rejected.

✍ Prove business is supported by a designated organization

Designated organizations are the business groups that are approved by government in order to invest in or support possible start ups. If these designated organization provide you with the letter of support, a candidate can attach the same with the application.

✍ Bring enough money to settle

While applying for the visa enough funds should be shown possessed so that a candidate can support and can pay for the survival for themselves and for their family. Government does not provide any sort of financial support to these candidates.

2. Self Employed Visa

If a candidate chooses to be self-employed in Alberta then they can consider this way to enter into the province under Alberta Business Program.

But before proceeding do check the eligibility criteria:-

✍ Relevant Work Experience

A candidate’s experience can be considered under following circumstances:-

Candidate has been employed in cultural activities or athletics

Candidates must have taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world class level

✍ Must meet the selection criteria

A candidate’s candidature will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:-



Language abilities



✍ Intend and be able to self employed

A person or a candidate applying must have self-employed experience.

Self-employed person is defined as:-

Candidate having relevant experience

Intends and be able to get self employed

Can contribute to the economy in one or more areas

✍ Meet medical and security conditions

Last but not the least, in order to be eligible the candidate and their family members must go through a medical examination and get the police certificates.

3. Self Employed Farmer Stream

A candidate, under the Alberta Business Immigration by investment, is qualified under the self-employed farmer stream if they have required resources and experience.

Following are the guidelines laid for the eligibility:-

Candidate must have farm management skills.

A candidate must invest in a primary production farming business in Alberta

A candidate must have the sufficient financial funds to develop sustainable farming operations. A candidate must invest minimum CAD 500000 and while applying a candidate may be asked to show proof further investment ability.

Ineligible Candidates

Following are the candidates ineligible to apply under the AINP Self Employer Stream:-

Live-in cares currently living in the state

Refugee Claimants or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process.

International Students studying in Canada including the students pursuing their internships and co-op work placements

Temporary Foreign workers working and residing in a province other than Alberta.

4. Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot

A candidate under Alberta Business Immigration by investment category needs to have atleast CAD 10 million personal net worth in in order to apply for permanent residence. In addition to this a candidate must make a non-guaranteed investment of CAD 2 million.

Following are the categories which helps to define the eligibility:-

✍ Personal Net Worth

Under this category a candidate should have the personal net worth of CAD 10 million or more and that should have been acquired through lawful, private sector business or investment activities. In order to get the proof of personal net worth a candidate, on their personal expense, must receive a due diligence report from one of the service providers which are specifically designated for the same. The due diligence report is an independent examination and validation of the candidate’s past investment or  business experience, source of funds and personal net worth.

Following are the service providers for the same:-



Deloitte Forensic Inc.


PrincewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting Inc.

✍ Language Skills

In order to apply for the same a candidate:-

  • ✍ Must prove the proficiency in English or French in all four sectors i.e. speaking, reading, listening and writing. Also a candidate must score atleast Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either of the languages e. English or French.
  • ✍ While applying an original language test results must be included in which is less than 2 years old.

✍ Inadmissibility

There are some parameters which makes a candidates non admissible in the country itself.

Following are such things involved:-

✍ Criminal activity

Organized crime

Human rights violation



Financial Reasons

If any of the candidates fall under the above categories application of the candidate or their candidature will be refused.

✍ Education

In order to be qualified for the Permanent Residency, the candidate should have the following qualification norms:-

Canadian post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate of atleast one year

A foreign equivalent degree as approved by original educational credential assessment (ECA) report from CIC designated organization. It should be indicated by ECA that a candidate’s foreign education is equal to completed Canadian post-secondary education credential of atleast one year.

✍ Non-guaranteed investment in a venture capital

Under this category of Alberta Business Immigration by investment,  a candidate must make a non-guaranteed investment of CAD 2 million in the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Fund. If the candidate is approved under this program then a candidate is required to enter into the agreement with the state committing      to a sun of CAD 2 million for 15 years approximately. Not to forget that there is no guarantee of return and it may be possible the candidate may lose some or all of their investment.

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