Saskatchewan SINP Farm Owners and Operators Category

The Saskatchewan Immigration PNP under SINPs Farm Owners and Operators Category is a stream made for candidates to own and operate a farm in Saskatchewan under the SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Category.

This subcategory is made to attract candidates and their families who plan to immigrate to Saskatchewan under Canadian Immigration’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). Through this stream candidate who can invest a large amount into a farming operation and is genuinely interested to live in Saskatchewan. To own a farm status in Saskatchewan, the candidate needs to apply to SINP and before applying to the SINP the applicant is required to go and visit the place under a mandatory exploratory visit requirement which should be longer than 5 business days, where the applicant should meet with a representative of SINP.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

For Applicants:

  1. Have a net worth of $500,000 CAD, that’s verified by a Ministry approved professional party.
  2. Show a documented proof that the net worth was collected through legal means and the proof should be verified by a Ministry approved professional third party.
  3. The third party should also verify that the net worth of the spouse is also collected through legal means.
  4. Should have the required knowledge for carrying the farm operations and prove it through documentation:
  5. This means having an active ownership of farming using the methods that are same as the ones used in Saskatchewan.
  6. The applicant needs to show his knowledge and experience is related to farming and the candidate can operate a Saskatchewan farm by submitting a Resume and a Farm Establishment Plan.
  7. The Resume should clearly provide identification of the applicant’s work experience in other fields (If it is applicable) which includes a job title, the place of employment, responsibilities and business skills.
  8. Have a workable proposal for a commercial farming activity in Saskatchewan.
  9. The working proposal that the candidate submits will determine the success of the farming activity.
  10. The proposal should also show the applicants intend to live in Saskatchewan.

For Young Farmer Stream:

Applicants who are under 40 years of age are eligible under the Farm sub-category’s set criteria for being nominated under the Young Farmer Stream.

Check The Eligibility Checklist Below:

  1. Have a net worth of $300,000 CAD that’s verified by a Ministry approved professional.
  2. Show that the collective net worth was acquired through legal means and should be approved by a professional approved by the Ministry.
  3. Have the required knowledge and experience about how to operate a farm that should be proved through documentation.
  4. Have three years of experience
  5. Farm Ownership
  6. Farm Management
  7. Practical farming experience
  8. Have a practical proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity.
  9. Be able to supplement their farming income along with their accompanying spouse/common-law partners marketable employment skills, based on education and experience.

Exploratory Visit

For checking their eligibility under the SINP farm owner and operators subcategory, the applicants should go to Saskatchewan before applying to the SINP for at least five business days. The candidate should conduct a complete research about the Saskatchewan farming industry and community in the form of meetings with people from the service sector. And as a final step of the candidates are required to meet a representative of the SINP and discuss their farm operation plan when they’ll immigrate to Saskatchewan.

Business Performance Agreement and Refundable Deposit

If the application is approved, then the applicant will be sent a Nomination Approval letter and Request for a deposit letter for getting the farm status in Saskatchewan also a Business Performance Agreement. The Business performance agreement should be signed by the applicant. And in doing so the applicant will commit to purchasing and actively operating a farm in Saskatchewan. The letter will provide instructions on how to obtain farm status in Saskatchewan which also includes the required refundable $75,000 CAD Good Faith Deposit, with respect to the requirements of the performance agreement.

Return of The Good Faith Deposit

To have the deposit refunded, the applicant should apply for a Deposit refund request to the SINP.

This can be done:

  1. Within two years after landing in Saskatchewan.
  2. After all the terms of the Business, Performance Agreement are met.
  3. After the applicant has participated in the Saskatchewan farm business actively for at least six months and can show proof for the same.

Farm Establishment Plan

The Farm Establishment Plan (FEP) should be a clear and well thought out plan for the successful settlement and business development in Saskatchewan. The FEP should show that the candidate has researched in deep about the economic and market factors that are relevant to the farming operation and the applicant should also conduct a SWOT analysis on themselves.

A third party can help the applicant to develop the FEP, but it is important that the applicant has full knowledge and understanding of the plan and how it should be implemented once the candidate lands in Saskatchewan. If the applicant doesn’t have knowledge about the plan then they will be considered as ineligible.

The FEP Should Include:

  1. The Imminent industry/sector (NAICS code)
  2. Planned investment amount.
  3. The number of jobs that the business will create for the Saskatchewan Residents.
  4. Management contribution that will be made by the applicant towards the farming operation.
  5. Estimate of the required funds for the startup and expenses.
  6. Information about the Business Ownership
  7. Determined location for the stating the farm
  8. Preparing and training for a farm operation in Saskatchewan with details of the course and institution (if applicable)
  9. A list of the planned visits (past and future) to Saskatchewan. (include dates, purposes, agendas, inviting organizations. If relevant).
  10. Plans to reside in Saskatchewan.
  11. Details of contracted business service providers who the applicant had contacted for the establishment of an active working relationship or was on a paid contract basis with.
  12. The details of the person who made the FEP
  13. A summary of the people contracted or consulted in the preparation of the FEP.

When Not to Apply

Applicants will be Eligible Under this Sub-Category if:

  1. They don’t meet one or more than one eligibility criteria mentioned above
  2. Has a serious medical issue or any dependent member related has a serious medical issue.
  3. Has a criminal record or any dependent member related has a criminal record and is over 18 years of age.
  4. Has a current custody or child support issue that affects any member of their family
  5. Hasn’t stated everything about himself in the application on purpose.
  6. Has committed a fraud during the application on purpose.

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Saskatchewan Immigration PNP- SINP Farm owners & Operators Stream
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