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Key to Make Visas success is ‘Trust’, ‘Transparency’ and having a ‘fun-loving’ environment. The main advantage of these factors is that it works in sync and provides a fun loving, hardworking, innovating and highly productive environment.  Make Visas allows its employees to have the flexibility to work passionately and be creative while they work. To be a part of the culture please do contact on  info@makevisas.com or call at  +91-7042184185.

Many employees have responded positively stating that work is done in much meaningful and challenging manner which has attracted them and motivated them to be in the company for long.

Make Visas has always motivated employees to set their own ambitious goals in whatever department they are which helps the employees to learn from the highs and lows they face while they work. Moreover, the company does not encourage backstabbing.

Current Openings

Openings for Digital Marketing Manager at Delhi Location.

Purpose of the Role

The designated person would handle and manage digital marketing platforms and would track, develop, implement,  and optimize the digital campaigns across various channels present online.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • ✍ To develop and manage performance marketing campaigns.
  • ✍ To manage all digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • ✍ To work on remarketing strategies.
  • ✍ Assessment of competition.
  • ✍ Improve Brand Awareness/Branding.
  • ✍ Compilation of performances report.
  • ✍ Working on programmatic marketing.
  • ✍ Work on keyword research, develop keyword strategies, focus on negative keywords.


  • ✍ 5 to 6 years of experience
  • ✍ Understand digital marketing concepts and best practices
  • ✍ Knowledge of SEO/SEM/PPC
  • ✍ Knowledge of Affiliate, Content, and Backlinking
  • ✍ Analytical mindset
  • ✍ Knowledge and remarketing of EDM

Career with Make Visas

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