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Bangalore is not only the Capital but also the largest city in the Indian State of Karnataka. It’s the third largest city in all of India and the 27th largest city in the world. It consists of most ethical culturally diverse crowd consisting of over 62% of the population being migrants from all over India or the world. This city is also known as the Garden City of India and has two nationally recognized botanical gardens.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts it is home to the 5th largest film Industry in India, the Kannada film industry and manages to release about 100 films every year. Another thing this extra ordinary city is very known for is its unique cuisine. From roadside tea stalls to the very best 5 and 7-star restaurants, this place has got the food that will make your taste buds dance a little and leave you craving for more.

And right amid this city we at Make Visas bring you the opportunity to achieve your dream to travelling overseas for work, education, leisure or even permanent immigration.


Make Visas is an immigration and Visa consultancy firm with offices in various cities in India as well as abroad. The Bangalore Branch, is widely known and holds an excellent reputation among its clients. Make Visas has the largest number of National and International satisfied and happy clients. We don’t promise good service, but we promise excellent service where in our team of highly qualified and trained professionals handle each case with caution and work hard and help a humongous number of people in their migration process with various countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Uk, USA, Germany and Hongkong, etc.

Services we provide.

  1. Work Visa Programs
  2. Student Visa Programs
  3. Business Visa Programs
  4. Investor Visa Programs
  5. Family Visa Programs
  6. Travel Visa Programs

Why Choose us?

We here at Make Visas, provide you excellent services with the lowest prices as compared to other firms with addition to high benefits with any program you choose and great deals and discounts on every national and international occasion. Also, our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to you and your process whole heartedly.

Client Reviews.

We spoke about us, now to prove the authenticity of our work and provide proof of our excellence. Here are our beloved clients, and their reviews and feedback on their experience with us.

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