Work Visa

The New Zealand Work visa is designed to attract the skilled migrants who can contribute to the economy of NZ.  The working visa is granted on temporary basis that means you can live and work in NZ for the specified period of time.  To get work opportunities in NZ, you must possess relevant skills and qualifications as per the requirements of occupation. If you wish to work in New Zealand then you have to meet the eligibility requirements, conditions and document checklist for the chosen work visa category. The Working Visa New Zealand  is designed for skilled international workers who are seeking successful career growth along with peaceful life.  Australian citizens or residents require no visa to visit New Zealand.

New Zealand Work Visa requirements

If you have plans to  migrate to New Zealand under work visa category, all you need to do is to meet the requirements to be eligible to apply:

  1. The applicant should be the holder of valid passport.
  2. You must have genuine and real intention to stay in NZ till the time your visa is valid.
  3. The applicant have to go through the medical exam to prove that you are physically fit and free from all kind of severe disease. The medical exam is valid for 12 months.
  4. You have to provide evidence stating that you have good character. You need to submit your records from the nation where you have lived in for past 12 months in 10 years.

Why New Zealand is the best place for work?

New Zealand has less corruption in the world. The Land of Kiwis offers plenty of opportunities in employment sector because of the existence of shortage gap in labor market. New Zealand has a high demand in industries like medicine, engineering and IT specifically but also has a range of job profiles available for skilled migrants.Check out the reasons why New Zealand is the best place to work:

Less population

New Zealand is the nation with total population of 4.5 million people. With factors like low crime rates, high economy and full transparency in government work attracts the migrants to work in New Zealand.

Less competition

You can easily find jobs in New Zealand due to less availability of New Zealanders; the government seeks skilled migrants from abroad to fill the shortages.  The New Zealand government offers high wages as well as provides employment rights to the workers.

Coherent Immigration process

The immigration policies and rules are quite straight-forward. With the availability of website and

Nice work environment

The working environment of kiwis is quite simple and healthy. They provide best paid holiday and maternity leave periods to their employees.

Visa categories under New Zealand work visa

Work Visa program eventually leads to Permanent Residency Visa which let immigrants to enter and settle down in New Zealand and appreciates the rights & benefits in the nation without being its citizen. Permanent Residency select talented immigrants who are not supported by any Employer nor have any former employment offer from New Zealand, however have their own abilities in a specific occupation needed in the Country. The 2-year work visa New Zealand is known as Post Study Work visa employer-assisted category for the students who have completed their studies from New Zealand University. As per your qualification, skills and work experience you can chose the work visa category from the following:

  1. Skilled Migrant Visa
  2. Residency from Work
  3. Work to Residence
  4. Essential Skills Work Visa
  5. Working Holiday Visa

Rights and responsibilities of employees in New Zealand

  1. The employees have eleven public holidays and four weeks paid annual holidays per year.
  2. The laws like giving minimum rights, safety of employers, and no discrimination/harassment are designed to protect employees at work.
  3. The employees who are less than 18 years of age have slightly different right as compared to the adult employees.

Benefits of Work Visa New Zealand

  1. You can live in New Zealand till the time visa is valid.
  2. You are free to work in New Zealand under the desired work visa category.
  3. Working in health environment builds your overall personality.
  4. You may apply for the residence visa after working on the work visa for given time.

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