Entrepreneur Visa

The New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa  allows the experienced and skilled business people who are willing to work and run their own business. This visa is designed to attract the migrants who can invest in New Zealand and that eventually helps in increasing the economy . The candidates can start their business through Entrepreneur work visa NZ which allows them to relocate in New Zealand and establish their business. After the span of two years, you can apply for the residence visa under Entrepreneur visa category. For being eligible to apply, you have to meet the requirements and all visa conditions. The Entrepreneur Visa program is designed for talented, entrepreneurial immigrants who are seeking to establish a new venture in New Zealand.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

The Entrepreneur work visa is a three year work visa and is segregated into start up stage and balance stage. Entrepreneur work visa category under this program allows you to enter New Zealand and buy or grow profitable businesses, and create jobs for New Zealanders. After a period of 6 months or 2 years you can then apply for a residency status under Entrepreneur residency visa category. This visa allows the business people who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. To apply, you need to have definite and constructive business plan. Check out the requirements or eligibility criteria for this visa:

  1. The applicants have to meet the health, character and English requirements as set by New Zealand Immigration authorities. You have to submit evidence stating that you have good moral conduct as well as you are medically fit to move to NZ.
  2. You have to submit your past records and you should be free from bankruptcy, business failure and fraud activities.
  3. You need to claim at least 120 points or more on the points calculator. However, the points are based on the factors like appropriate business plan, sufficient funds for investment, success of your business and how much it can contribute to New Zealand economy.
  4. You must have at least capital investment of NZ $100,000 which excludes your working capital.

Check out your eligibility for an Entrepreneur Work Visa under the Points System:


Relevant Employment
Work experience Points
10 years +


40 points
5 years +


 30 points
3 years +


20 points
Other Self Employment
10 years +

5 years +


20 points
3 years +


5 points


Relevant Senior Management Experience
10 years +10 points
5 years +5 points
Points for Benefit to New Zealand (can be awarded in up to two categories)
New full time employment creation
10 plus new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents80 points
5 new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents50 points
3 new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents30 points
2 new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents20 points
1 new full time position for New Zealand citizen or resident10 points
Points for approved export business (based on annual turnover)
NZ$ 1,000,000 plus turnover80 points
NZ$ 750,000 plus turnover60 points
NZ$ 500,000 plus turnover40 points
NZ$ 400,000 plus turnover30 points
NZ$ 300,000 plus turnover20 points
NZ$ 200,000 plus turnover1)      10 points
Points for unique or new products or services to New Zealand
A credible business proposal that provides unique or new products or services to New Zealand or to a particular region.30 points
Points for Capital Investment (excluding working capital)
NZ$ 1,000,00080 points
NZ$ 750,00060 points
NZ$ 500,00050 points
NZ$ 400,00030 points
NZ$ 300,00020 points
NZ$ 200,00010 points
NZ$ under 200,0000 points
Points for Age
24 and under15 points
25-4920 points
50-5910 points
60 and over0 points
Bonus Points
Business outside Auckland40 points

 Entrepreneur work visa is of two types:

  1. Start up Stage: if your visa gets approval, you will be given 12 months work visa to establish your business in NZ.
  2. Balance Stage: after providing evidence to the higher authorities that you have started working and even have taken steps in your business your business in NZ then you will be given 24 months of your visa.


  1. You are free to come to New Zealand and begin or buy your business plan.
  2. You can work in New Zealand for the period of three years in overall and work in your own business.
  3. You may add your partner/spouse and dependent children(less than 19 years) in the visa application if they meet the eligibility requirements.


  1. If you have been involved in any bankruptcy or business failure in the past 5 years then you are not eligible to apply for this visa.
  2. You can have waiver of NZ $100,000 in capital investment requirement only if your business includes Science or ICT sectors and displays a high level of innovation potential.

Residence for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur visa allows you to live permanently in NZ if you have set inventive and poignant business in NZ that displays potential. You can attain residency through these categories:

  1. Entrepreneur Residency Category (2 years) – To get approval of this visa, you need to develop lucrative and advantageous business in NZ and have been working in your own business from past two years.
  2. Entrepreneur Residency Category (six months) – This category provides residency at faster pace if you have invested NZ$500,00 and have constructed at least three new full-time jobs for NZ residents or citizens

For both the above categories, you have to meet the character, health and English requirements. The applicant can include their family members in their visa application. The partner or dependent children can easily avail student or work visas if they are following the Entrepreneur visa holder.

Benefits for the Entrepreneur visa holder

  1. You can establish your business anywhere in the land of kiwis.
  2. There is no age limit for the applicants and low English language requirements.
  3. Your partner will have the access of open work visa which allows them to work for any sort of business in NZ.
  4. You have the benefit of choosing the business that goes with your entrepreneurial background.

How Entrepreneur Visa works?

In this visa program, you can straight away file your visa application, if you meet the eligibility requirements for an entrepreneur work visa category, by lodging a paper application to the business migration branch in New Zealand with all the required documents to prove you claimed points.
After a period of either 6 months or 2 years one can apply for residency under Entrepreneur visa residency category.

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