Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa program is designed for talented, entrepreneurial immigrants who are seeking to establish a new venture in New Zealand.

Entrepreneur work visa category under this program allows you to enter New Zealand and buy or grow profitable businesses, and create jobs for New Zea landers. After a period of 6 months or 2 years you can then apply for a residency status under Entrepreneur residency visa category.

The Entrepreneur work visa category is structured in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: In the initially 12-months period you can buy or establish your business in New Zealand.
  • Stage 2: Remaining 24 months of your visa will be granted after your successful establishment of your business.

What you need to be eligible for the Visa Program?

Basic Requirements

  • Capital investment of minimum NZ$100,000 (excluding work capital).
  • Business plan.
  • Positive history of bankruptcy, business failure and fraud.
  • Health, character and English ability certifications.
  • Minimum 120 points.

How the points are awarded?

Points for Relevant self employment
10 years +40
5 years +30
3 years +20
Other self employment
10 years +20
5 years +15
3 years +5
Points for Relevant senior management experience
10 years +40
5 years +5
Points for New full time employment creation
10+ new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents80
5 or more new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents50
3 or more new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents30
2 new full time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents20
1 new full time position for a New Zealand citizen or resident10
Points for approved export business (turnover per year)
$1,000,000 + turnover a year80
$750,000 + turnover a year60
$500,000 + turnover a year40
$400,000 + turnover a year30
$300,000 + turnover a year20
$200,000 + turnover a year10
A credible business proposal that provides unique or new
products/ services to New Zealand, or to a particular region
Points for capital investment
$1,000,000 +80
$750,000 +60
$500,000 +50
$400,000 +30
$300,000 +20
$200,000 +10
Under $200,000 +0
Points for age of prospective applicant
24 and under15
60 and over0

How Entrepreneur Visa works?

In this visa program, you can straight away file your visa application, if you meet the eligibility requirements for an entrepreneur work visa category, by lodging a paper application to the business migration branch in New Zealand with all the required documents to prove you claimed points.
After a period of either 6 months or 2 years one can apply for residency under Entrepreneur visa residency category.

How much time does the process takes?

The Duration for Visa processing depends upon the particular case lodged and is based on personal circumstances.
A time period of 3 months on average is taken to process this visa application for overseas applicants if all the requirements are met.

Benefits for Investor Visa

  • Live and invest in New Zealand.
  • Apply for New Zealand citizenship.
  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residence, if they fulfill the eligibility requirements.
  • Access medical and social security benefit.