New Zealand Expression of Interest EOI

New Zealand Expression of Interest EOI is the statement submitted by the applicant citing their interest in applying for New Zealand Immigration process under Skilled Migrant Category Visa by providing and revealing information to the Department of New Zealand Immigration to evaluate whether they are eligible to apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa or not.

You are requested to submit expression of Interest (EOI) only if the proper evaluation has been done ahead of time to steer clear of situations like wastage of money, reject of expression of Interest due to inaccurate or misplaced documents or other reasons.

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What factors are included in New Zealand EOI?

Expression of Interest for New Zealand consists of the following conditions like:

  1. Age
  2. Work Experience
  3. Educational Qualification
  4. Health and Character
  5. Other vital factors that include the points for New Zealand Immigration assessment

When should you apply for New Zealand EOI?

If you are planning for New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa, your first step should be to submit expression of Interest. Prior to submitting the Expression of Interest for NZ Permanent Residency visa under the Skilled Migrant category Visa, you have to meet the below-given requirements:

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  1. Your age should be 55 years or less at the time of submission of EOI.
  2. You must have bachelor degree from the recognized Institution or University which is equivalent to New Zealand education standard.
  3. You have to score minimum of 6.5 IELTS score to proof the English language proficiency.
  4. You need to have relevant work experience in your occupation or field of expertise.

Once you have met all the above-mentioned requirements, you have to proceed further towards the second stage that includes the New Zealand Points-based assessment.  Candidates have to score at least 100 points to be eligible to apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency. If you have met all the conditions, you can submit expression of Interest (EOI).

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Steps to submit New Zealand Expression of Interest EOI

The submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) involves a fee, those us to be place at the time of applying for the Skilled Migration category Visa. And, your money will not be refunded back if your EOI is rejected by the New Zealand Authorities.  The online submission of EOI is cheaper as compared to a paper-based EOI.

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Validity of New Zealand EOI

Expression of Interest (EOI) is valid for six months and if it is not selected in the given time period from the pool of applicants, you have to reapply for it. Once you have submitted Expression of Interest, here are the possible outcomes you are going to obtain:

  1. If your EOI has 160 points and is accepted into the Expression of Interest pool, you will receive invitation to apply (ITA) from the New Zealand Government.
  2. If your EOI scores between 100-159 points, you have to improve your score to receive invitation to apply (ITA).
  3. If your EOI doesn’t meet any criteria and you are not eligible to apply for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Visa.

Points to be followed under below-given circumstances:

  1. If your EOI is 160 points and above, you will receive Invitation to apply (ITA).
  2. If your score is between 100-160 points, you have to renew your EOI and try to improve the points to receive invitation to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa.

What is the Processing time of New Zealand Expression of Interest EOI ?

If your get over 160 points, the processing time is between 1 to 3 months. After every fortnight, the EOI pool is evaluated.

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