How to get PR in New Zealand after study?

Do you want to get PR in New Zealand after study? Is Permanent Residency your aim after completing study in New Zealand. New Zealand, the nation of opportunities is an ideal choice for students who want to pursue a degree, course or any short-term program for their professional career. Students migrating to New Zealand on Student visa can stay in the nation till the time their visa is valid.  Indian students above 18 years of age usually apply for student visa programs like Fee paying Student visa, Exchange Student Visa, Foreign Government Supported Student Visa, and Pathway Student Visa.

Students who have completed their degree from New Zealand acclaimed Universities and have interest to settle permanently in the nation should apply for the visa program depending on the job opportunities and education.  There are a few ways through which you can stay in New Zealand after completing your studies.

To apply for a Post- Study Work Visa, you need to have a New Zealand qualification. On this visa, you can apply for work opportunities. On the basis of your qualification and where you have completed your studies, you can work under any employer for between 1 and 3 years.

1) Post- Study Work Visa (Open)

This option is open for students who have just complete their studies and are looking for job opportunities. On this visa, you can stay in a country for a year and look for a job related to your field of study or research. Also, you can look for other earning ways in any field to support your stay in New Zealand.

2. Post-Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted)

On this visa, student gets the chance to do work with a specific employer. Make sure to apply for this visa in three months prior to expiry of your student visa.

New Zealand Permanent Residency Process for Indian Students

If you want to get PR in New Zealand after study, you can go through the below-given visa categories and as per your eligibility; you can choose the visa category that matches your eligibility criteria.

  1. Skilled Migrant Category Visa

This is one of the ideal pathways for aspiring students, where you have to submit expression of Interest (EOI). Once your EOI gets selected, you will be notifying from NZ immigration within a few weeks. Once EOI part is done, you have to submit the residence application providing necessary documents.

  • 2 Family Category Visa

If you have spouse/partner, parent living in New Zealand as a permanent resident or citizen, you can apply under the Family category visa for permanent residency.

3. Business and Investment Visa

If you have plans to invest in New Zealand, you can apply under Investor category. There is also another option, Entrepreneur category, which demands you to establish your own business venture in New Zealand.

What is New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa?

New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa allows you to live, reside and work anywhere in the nation permanently. The eligibility of a candidate is based on points such as education, work experience, age, education qualification, etc. With this visa, you can live and reside anywhere in New Zealand without any obstructions.

Check out the benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

  1. You can live, work and reside anywhere in the nation without any obligations.
  2. Get access to medical facilities and social security benefits.
  3. Children of New Zealand PR holders get free education at start-run schools and universities.
  4. You can sponsor your family members or relatives for permanent resident visa provided they have to meet the eligibility requirements.
  5. Children born in the nation automatically gets citizenship of the nation by birth.

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