Work Visa

Working Visa of Germany allows an individual to live and work in the nation after meeting the set of eligibility requirements set by the Germany Government. If you are not the citizen of EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need to have work permit in Germany. You are eligible to work  only if you are the holder of acceptable residence and work permits. The full information about your working rights and to what extent you can work in Germany is available on residence permit.

Why you should work in Germany?

Germany is the first choice for the people who want to take their career to the next level because factors like high GDP, Immigrant -friendly country, and world-class opportunities attract the users. Overseas Immigrants with good qualification and required work experience which can contribute to the economy of Germany can apply under this work visa program.

  1. Germany is considered as home to the modern automotive Industry and is one of the most competitive  and innovative Countries in the world.
  2. Germany is an Immigrant-friendly country and stands 3rd globally for hosting Immigrants.
  3.  Germany is one of the major countries of Europe.
  4. Germany holds fourth largest nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approx EUR 3,815 billion in Europe.
  5.  Being home to the modern automotive industry, Germany is regarded as the most competitive and innovative in the world, and happens to be the fourth largest in terms of production.

Categories of the work-permit holders are given below:

Getting work permit in Germany is not that straight-forward. To be a work permit holder, factors like your nationality, your occupation, annual salary plays a vital role.

  • EU citizens, Switzerland and the European economic area (EEA), i.e. from Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland

The candidates of this category don’t require any residence or work permit to live and work in Germany. You only have to carry your passport or ID while relocating in Germany and must get it register in Civil Registry in your chosen city.

  • Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand or the USA

The applicants under this category need no visa to enter Germany. However, you must register yourself at the Local Registration Authority for a residence permit. With this category, you can get entry in Germany along with permission of work and residence before getting employed.

  • Non-EU Nationals

The candidates who don’t belong to EU need to get work visa to work in Germany. Your purpose to enter in Germany should be clearly mentioned in your visa application and the visa application should be precise. You need to choose accurate visa as per your eligibility and the short term visas cannot lead to permanent residence visa in Germany. After arriving Germany, you have to apply for the residence and work permit. While requesting a work permit, the candidates have to show the proofs of already being employed by a local company, organization or institution.

Categories of Residence and Work Permit

The Residence Act, previously known as Immigration act projects conditions, rules and benefits to the immigrants who want to live and get haven in Germany for disparate desires.

There are important obligations on migrants’ residence in Germany under Residence act are:

  1. To stay in Germany for longer period, immigrants may get the access of temporary residence permit or settlement period.
  2. After arriving in Germany for the first time, non-EU immigrants are supposed to get a visa for work and residence and after arrival, they must get temporary residence permit or settlement permit.
  3. If you are residing on temporary residence permit from past five years and even eligible to fulfill the supplementary requirements then you may get Settle residence permit in Germany. EU Blue Card Holders and highly skilled workers prefer settlement residence permits.
  4. Visa is equal to residence permit that allows immigrants’ residence in Germany till the visa period is valid.
  5. Residence act resembles the long-term residence period and is somehow comparable to the settlement residence permit.

To enter and live in Germany on different objectives, a migrant must have designation of one of the below-given residence titles:

  1. EU Blue Card
  2. Settlement residence permit
  3. EU long-term residence permit
  4. Temporary Residence permit
  5. Visa pursuant

Documents Required for the Germany Work Visa

In order to get Germany Work Visa, you have to submit the required documents so that there is no delay or rejection of the visa application. If you are planning to move to Germany, you have to meet the below-given requirements:

  1. Online application form
  2. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  3. Job offer letter
  4. Latest passport
  5. Travel documents and Health Insurance documents
  6. Character requirements i.e. documents stating that you have no involvement in criminal activities.
  7. Two latest documents
  8. Qualification documents like mark sheet and certificates and work experience (if any). You have to submit other additional documents as well if required.
  9. Demand draft of the visa application fees send to Consulate General of the Federal Republic of the Germany.

Applying process of the Germany Work Visa

  1. You can get the visa application form on the official website of the German Federal Foreign Embassy.
  2. You have to complete the visa application once you have received the employment offer. You have to fill the visa application twice because the Germany Embassy accepts two original copies of the visa application.
  3. You have to attach two latest passport size photographs along with the visa application form.
  4. You have to include all the documents that are required and submit the visa application individually to the German Consulate in your native country.
  5. If the employer is t A labor market needs test required if the employer is applying for the work permit. Otherwise, it is not needed.
  6. If you get selected then after arriving Germany, you need to visit the local Registration Office to register yourself as well as to validate the work visa.

Germany Work Visa processing time and Cost:

The average processing time of Germany work visa is around six to eleven weeks and it costs around 60 Euros.  On the average, 50,000- 60,000 work permits are issued every year. To avail hassle-free visa process, advanced applications are appreciated.

Benefits of Working in Germany

After the grant of Germany Working Visa, you get the access of plethora of services:

  1. After the duration of 4-5 years on work permit, you may apply for the permanent residence in Germany.
  2. You may live and work in Germany till the time your visa is legitimate.
  3. Generally, Work permits are valid for 1-2 years and you can renew your work permits.
  4. You may bring your spouse, children or partner along with you in Germany.

How Make Visas can help you in getting the Germany Work Visa?

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