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MakeVisas was solely established to cater to the immigration needs for various candidate. Company has experienced an exponential growth since its establishment due to its effort of delivering the quality services. Makevisas will like to thanks to outpouring immigrants to foreign land.

MakeVisas provides its services from all over the country. We have a huge customer base of professionals and students who got their dreams fulfilled and are now well settled in their dream destination.

Types of Visa Services

MakeVisas is happy to provide its customers with different visa services which has led to satisfied customer base.

Following are the visa services we provide:-

• Permanent Residency (PR) Visa

Permanent Residency Visa is one of the most in demand visa. Mostly people aspire for it because it provides the chances to gain the citizenship of the country and lets the immigrants enjoy the full rights of the citizen.

Following are the countries that provide a chance to gain the same.

Canada PR Visa
Australia PR Visa

• Tourist Visa

Many clients tend to enjoy the grandeur beauty of the countries they intend to visit. There are various countries which help these candidates to visit temporarily on Tourist Visa. Tourist Visa is of short duration but gives the candidates enough chance to enjoy in the country.

Following are the countries that provides these opportunities.

Australian Tourist Visa
Canadan Tourist Visa
United Kingdom (UK) Tourist Visa
New Zealand Tourist Visa
USA Tourist Visa
Hong Kong Tourist Visa
Germany Tourist Visa
Denmark Tourist Visa

• Business Visa

As the name suggest, business visa is for those businessman who want to expand their business abroad. In order to be eligible under this visa category, the candidates need to invest a minimum amount in order to get through the process further. In some countries it helps to gain the Permanent Residency as well.

Following are the countries that offer Business Visa:-

New Zealand
Hong Kong

• Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitor Visa allows candidates to visit the countries for the business reasons for short duration. A candidates needs possess enough money to have a good financial support.

Following are the countries that give business visitor visa:-

New Zealand

• Investor Visa

Investor Visa gives the chance to investor to invest in foreign land. Some of the countries provide the permanent residence status under this visa if the candidate fulfills the eligibility criteria for the same.

Following are the countries that offer the investor visa:-

New Zealand

• Student Visa

Student visa is for those candidates who want to pursue their higher studies in foreign land. It is a sort of temporary visa. In some countries, this visa is extendable to certain period which allows the students to search for the jobs. This visa allows the candidates to work on part time basis so that they can manage their expenses.

Following are the countries that offer Student visa:-

United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong

Additional Services

Makevisas believes in all round services. So apart from the services of visa, there are various services we provide in order to completely support our clients fully to move to foreign land.

Following are the services provided with Make visas:-


Make visas is a bunch of immigration experts that provides the assistance for visa right from the start till the required visa for the client is possessed. We go hand in hand with the our clients and help them in each and every step of the visa filing. We always work with a motto of delivering the quality service and smile on each and every page.


Before applying for the visa, there is a pre-assessment which is done in order to judge the eligibility of the candidate. If the candidates don’t meet the requisite eligibility conditions then the application may get rejected. So we as an immigration needs always keep in mind the sort of visa the candidates are eligible for and sort of documents they would need in each visa.

Documentation Assistance

For every visa the candidates need to submit proper and relevant documents in order to save themselves from visa getting rejected. Immigration departments are always strict on documents that need to be provided in order to get a particular visa stamped. Make visa experts knows exactly what sort of documents would be required for particular visa and files the application according to the specific visa needs.

Pre-Landing And Post-Landing Services

Migration to other country can be a difficult task especially if a person doesn’t know anyone living in the country. For this particular reason make visas provides both pre landing and post landing services to its clients so that their dream journey is smooth.

Language Coaching

In order to migrate to any country, a candidate needs to be proficient in the official languages of the country. In order to prove the language skills, candidates need to take up the requisite exam and submit the results to the immigration department of the country desired country. But before taking up the exam candidates need to prepare well in order to score well. Makevisas takes care of this thing and provides you with the language coaching and provides you with proper guidance of what it takes to score better in exam.

• Interview Preparation

There are countries which conduct one to one interview of the candidates who want to immigrate to their country. Candidates need to be aware as how to face the interview and what it takes to clear the same. For that MakeVisas experts guides the candidates in proper manner and helps them to prepare accordingly.

• Cover Letter Drafting

MakeVisas helps draft and build the cover letter highlighting the key skills and strength a person possess. We build it in such a manner that the candidates profile fits in perfect sync with the country’s demand which helps in turn to come the dream of the country come true.

• Resume Rebuilding

Resume is the vital document which highlights the candidate’s achievement so far and lets the high commission know how the candidate can be useful and contribute in the economy. MakeVisas help the candidates to build the resume accordingly and proceed well in the visa process.

• Career Counseling

After studying the client’s profile, our immigration experts guide you through the various options available according to the profile. This helps to choose the most suitable immigration for a particular candidate.

For more information contact +91-7042184185 or drop your queries on info@makevisas.com.

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