New Zealand Immigration

The New Zealand Immigration allows you to dwell, do your job as well as complete your studies in NZ.  Whether for study or as a skilled worker, temporary or permanent you can migrate to New Zealand easily choosing the right visa category as per your qualification and skills.  For being eligible to apply for immigration NZ, you have to meet the basic requirements as well as New Zealand immigration process.. Immigration to New Zealand can be the best option for you if you are a student, or want to establish your business. Also, if you want to visit your family in New Zealand or just need a break and explore the place, New Zealand is full of sweet surprises.


What makes New Zealand the best country in the world?

From fair government policies and numerous employment opportunities to well-maintained lifestyle and booming economy, New Zealand is the perfect place for the aspirants who wish to have success in their personal life and at the same point, they wish to live the luxurious life. New Zealand is considered the best place for study, work, and business across the world.

a) New Zealand is considered one of the world’s best and well-organized states with full transparency by the government.

b) New Zealand is the least corrupt country across the world and ranks third in the world for the index of economic freedom.

c) As per the reports of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment, New Zealand ranks seventh in the world for providing best education system.

d) New Zealand is completely free from capital gain tax and inheritance tax.

e) New Zealand has the minimum personal tax rates as compared to the other developed countries.

f) There are plenty of industries in New Zealand that are going through the shortage of skilled workers; therefore there are numerous employment opportunities for the overseas immigrants in NZ.

g) The Immigration rules and policies for Immigration New Zealand are simpler and accessible.

Check out the visa categories under the New Zealand Immigration

 There are visa categories that lead to residency in New Zealand:

  1.  Business Visa
  2. Skilled Migrant Visa
  3. Residence from work
  4. Family Category

a) Business Visa Category

The aspirants who wish to start or expand their business in New Zealand or want to invest there can apply under this category.

b) Skilled Migrant Visa

If you possess good skills and qualification you are eligible to apply for residency under Skilled Migrant Visa. This visa program is designed to attract overseas immigrants who can fill the shortage in the labor market.

c) Residence from Work

It is a temporary work visa through which candidates can live and work in NZ till the time visa is valid. This visa is a stepping stone towards the permanent residency in NZ.

d) Family Category

If your family is settled in New Zealand and you want to join them then you can apply under this visa program. The family members should be the resident or citizen of New Zealand.

New Zealand work permit categories

1) Skilled Migrant Visa

2) Residency from work

3) Work to residency

 New Zealand business visa categories

The business visa categories under New Zealand immigration that allows you to live and expand or start a business in NZ:

a) Entrepreneur Visa

b) Investor Visa

 New Zealand student visa

New Zealand provides best education system and has the finest environment for the students to study and explore their skills. You can complete your studies under the Student visa.

New Zealand Tourist Visa

1)    Working Holiday Visa – it is a short-term visa which allows you to spend your vacation and also allow you to find a job in NZ.

New Zealand Immigration Visa requirements

For being eligible to apply for the New Zealand Immigration, you have to meet the requirements:

a) You should be less than 55 years of age.

b) The applicant has to meet the health and character requirements.

c) You have to meet the English language proficiency as designed by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

d) You have to meet the requirement of 100 points in the New Zealand Immigration points system to submit an expression of Interest (EOI).

Benefits of New Zealand Immigration

1)    You will get an opportunity to live and reside in the least corrupted nation in the world.

2)    If you wish to migrate to NZ as a student, you will get the best education system.

3)    You will have an opportunity to work in the nation who has the robust economy and immense opportunities in the employment sector.

4)    You may sponsor your eligible members for permanent residency in NZ.

New Zealand Immigration processing time

The processing time depends on the visa category you are applying for. However, the average processing time for student and work visas is 20-25 days. Under the Skilled migrant category, after the submission of expression of interest (EOI) you may take time period of three weeks or more to receive invitation to apply for residence.

How can Make Visas help you in Immigrating to New Zealand?

If you want to settle in Land of Kiwis and planning for New Zealand Immigration, the first step you should do is to check your eligibility and find the right visa category. If you are confused, you can fill out the free visa assessment form and our Immigration experts will reach you immediately. Our experts will guide you the whole New Zealand Immigration process and help you in choosing the right visa category as per your skills and qualification. Explore the land of kiwis with Make Visas.

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