NewZealand Immigration

New Zealand is the hotspot Immigration destination among the global expats. Consisting of two main islands and situated near the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the Land of Kiwis offers a fantastic lifestyle. Having 268,021 km2 of area, New Zealand is home to around 4.75 million population. To immigrate to New Zealand, you have to meet the pull factors like requirements, right visa category, and processing time.

Visa categories available in New Zealand Immigration

To invite Immigrants across the world, the New Zealand Government has designed various visa categories through which one can easily work and study here. When it comes to Immigration rules and policies, New Zealand has sturdy and cogent norms as compared to countries like Australia and Canada, which have less tighten rules. But, with various visa categories caters by the Government, migration is not that difficult.  Take a dive to the programs that are gateways to get a work permit as well as permanent residency in the nation.

If you have made up your mind for New Zealand Immigration, but unsure about the right visa category that can get you the tickets to New Zealand, go through the below programs and remove your uncertainties.

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Newzealand Immigration Programs

NewZealand Work Visa categories- for the Skilled Workers

1) Skilled Migrant Visa: This visa is a golden opportunity for the professionals who have relevant skills and qualifications that have hot-selling demand in NZ. It is a point-based visa and minimum 100 points are required to apply for this visa. Factors like Age, Qualification, Work experience, skilled employment; education plays an important role in this category to grab the stamp of the nation on your passport.

2) Residence from Work: If you want to change your temporary visa into residency one, this visa offers you a gateway. If you are already residing in the country on work visa then, only you can apply for this visa program.

3) Work to a residency visa: If you want to stay in the nation for the short-period, this visa is an ultimate choice for you. With this visa, you can dwell and work for the tenure of 24 months. It is a boulevard to residence visa. It has been divided into two types- one is Long-term Skills Shortage and the other one is an accredited employer.

4) Silver Fern Visa: It is designed for the young individuals who want to live and work in the country. It is a job-seeker visa allows an applicant to stay for the span of nine months without any job offer to look for the employment. It is the most demanding visa among the applicants.

b) New Zealand Business Visa: Are you Businessmen and want to start your business in New Zealand? The least possible time to start a business in NZ is one day. If you meet the necessary requirements then, this business is already in your hand. Take a glance at types of visa programs:

Entrepreneur Visa: The business enthusiasts who have dream of spreading their business in NZ can apply under Entrepreneur Visa. Such visas are designed by the Government to attract the wealthy businessmen in order to increase the economy of the nation. This is a three-year work visa and is classified into the start-up stage and balance stage. The potential aspirants need to score 120 points and above on the Points calculator to be eligible.

Investor Visa: The business people who want to settle permanently by contributing or investing in the market of NZ can apply under this investor category. The aspirants who are interested in investing in the local market and have sufficient funds to invest are eligible to apply for this visa.

c) New Zealand Tourist Visa

If you want to spend your holidays in New Zealand or want to meet your family members living over there or for business meetings, grab the Tourist visa and explore the place.You also get the opportunity to explore the South Pacific, including Samoa, Fiji, and New Caledonia.

1)Working Holiday Visa

Work in New Zealand while spending your vacation period. This visa permits young individuals who can contribute to the nation’s growth as well as spend some quality time. The visa duration is different for every country that is eligible for a working holiday visa.

d) New Zealand Study Visa- For the students

New Zealand not only proffers world-class education but also give a healthy environment for the International students to live in.  The focus is given on the overall personality of the student including academic and extra co-curricular activities. With the motive of making the student an all-rounder and independent life-long learners,  New Zealand Universities has numerous courses and programs to offer.

Requirements of New Zealand Immigration

For being eligible to apply for the New Zealand Immigration, you have to meet the requirements:

a) You should be less than 55 years of age.

b) The applicant has to meet the health and character requirements.

c) You have to meet the English language proficiency as designed by the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

d) You have to meet the requirement of 100 points in the New Zealand Immigration points system to submit an expression of Interest (EOI).

New Zealand Immigration Processing time

The processing time may diverse depending on the visa category you apply for. For the timely process, you have to submit your all necessary documents along with the visa application on time. The delay in submitting the documents may increase your time period. However, the average processing time for student and work visas is 20-25 days. Under the Skilled migrant category, after the submission of expression of interest (EOI), you may take the time period of three weeks or more to receive an invitation to apply for residence.

Why Immigrate to New Zealand?

From fair government policies and numerous employment opportunities to well-maintained lifestyle and booming economy, New Zealand is the perfect place for the aspirants who wish to have success in their personal life and at the same point; they wish to live the luxurious life. New Zealand is considered the best place for study, work, and business across the world.

a) New Zealand is considered one of the world’s best and well-organized states with full transparency by the government.

b) New Zealand is the least corrupt country across the world and ranks third in the world for the index of economic freedom.

c) As per the reports of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment, New Zealand ranks seventh in the world for providing best education system.

d) New Zealand is completely free from capital gain tax and inheritance tax.

e)New Zealand has the minimum personal tax rates as compared to the other developed countries.

f)There are plenty of industries in New Zealand that are going through the shortage of skilled workers; therefore there are numerous employment opportunities for the overseas immigrants in NZ.

g) The Immigration rules and policies for Immigration New Zealand are simpler and accessible.

What are the benefits of Immigrating to New Zealand?

1)You get the chance to be part of the least corrupted nation. You can live and stay in the nation for the short as well as long-term depending on your preference.

2)You don’t have to live alone in this beautiful country as you can invite your family members. You can sponsor your family members for permanent residency so that they can stay with you.

3)The students who want to obtain world-class education and looking forward to research and experimental work gets out of the box study programs and courses to fill the appetite of gaining abundance knowledge and perfection in their field.

4)You get the prerogative to work in the nation with GDP of US $186.4 billion (PPP).

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