New Zealand PR Process

New Zealand PR Process entirely depends on the type of permanent residency visa category you have chosen. New Zealand Immigration Visa programs including family-based visa, skilled migrant category visa, Work to Residence Visa, Residence from work, etc come under the category of Permanent Residency (PR) visa. This visa allows you to live, work, and settle anywhere in the nation permanently.

If you want to migrate to New Zealand permanently, you first need to choose the right visa category depending on your education and field of occupation and have to assemble all the required documents and after that, meet the eligibility criteria of that particular visa.

All the New Zealand work visas including Skilled Migrant Category SMC Visa, Residence from Work, and Work to Residence visa have its own eligibility criteria, requirements, processing time, visa fee, and benefits. Therefore, before applying for New Zealand PR visa, you have to choose the right visa category that suits your profile.

Important factors in New Zealand Permanent Residency PR Process

a) New Zealand Points System

Candidates applying under Skilled Migrant category for permanent residency visa have to score minimum 100 points on the New Zealand Points System to submit expression of Interest. To receive Invitation to apply (ITA), you need to attain at least 160 points. The points are given on factors like age, qualification, work experience, skilled employment, etc. Additional points are given to the candidates with work experience in occupation that is in demand.

b) New Zealand Occupation List

Candidates who have plans for New Zealand Immigration need to ensure that their occupation is present in high In-demand occupation list of New Zealand. If you have work experience in your field of occupation, it bolsters your chances for permanent residency.

New Zealand Permanent Residency PR process

Candidates interested in applying for New Zealand Permanent Residency process should choose the Skilled Migrant Category.

  1. To initiate the process, you have to appear for the Pre Assessment Report (PAR) test, where your education qualification is examined to know whether your educational qualification and college/university is in equivalent standard to the New Zealand education system.
  2. If you receive positive PAR report, your next step should be to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant category. Candidates need to score at least 100 points on the New Zealand Points System to be eligible to apply for New Zealand.
  3. Candidates with 100 points and above are entered into a pool and high-scoring applicants receive invitation to apply (ITA) through the regular draws taking place every month. Presently, applications with score of 160 points and above are being picked up by the government.
  4. Now you have to complete assessment, evaluating your profile on both the factors – education and work experience. Once your assessment is completed, you can lodge your application for PR Visa and wait for invitation to apply (ITA) to come.

Besides Skilled Migrant category visa, there are the other visa categories through which you can apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency visa:

a) Family Visa

On this visa, you can stay with your family members/ relatives in New Zealand. You are eligible for this program if your partner, spouse or a family member lives in Oz as a permanent resident or citizen and is ready to sponsor you.

b) Investment and Business Visa

If you are ready to invest in New Zealand and your business plan is acceptable by the New Zealand Government, you can apply for New Zealand Investment visa which is a door way to get permanent residency visa.

What is the New Zealand Permanent Residency process from India?

India and New Zealand shares cordial bond and every year Indian migrate to New Zealand on permanent basis or on study visa. If you want to migrate to New Zealand permanently, you can apply for any of the above-mentioned visa programs but the majority of the Indians prefer Skilled Migrant Visa to get permanent residency.

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