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Manitoba is an economic-stable province of Canada offering endless opportunities for skilled workers. If you have plans to immigrate to Manitoba, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MNP) 2020 is the key program to get settled permanently over there. Interesting candidates have to apply in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) under the relevant sub-category to attain provincial nomination and move to Manitoba. Selected candidates get the nomination certificate by the MPNP and making them eligible to apply for the permanent residency status in Canada.

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What are the key requirements of Manitoba PNP?

Applying through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a good option for people who have low IELTS or the ‘Age’ factor creates a problem in the process. Before applying for Manitoba PNP, applicants must ensure that their occupation is available in the In-Demand occupation list of Manitoba, this help in escalating the chances of acceptance of the application by the MPNP.

Check out the General requirements of Manitoba PNP:

  1. You have to score at least 60 points out of 100 on the Manitoba PNP Points System.
  2. The age bracket of a candidate should be between 21- 45 years.
  3. At least two years of work experience is required in an occupation that is in demand in Manitoba.
  4. Candidate must have to score at least 4.5 IELTS score.

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What is the processing time of Manitoba PNP?

Manitoba province has the fastest processing time among all Canadian provinces. Most of the applications are a process in 4 months but the applications need to be get verified both on the province and Federal level, therefore at the average, the Manitoba PNP processing time is between 12 to 15 months.

IELTS requirement for Manitoba PNP 

To be eligible to apply for Manitoba PNP, the minimum IELTS requirement is CLB 6 in all the modules of the exam (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). This requirement is less as compared to the Federal Skilled Express Entry program.

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What are the visa categories under MPNP to Immigrate to Manitoba ?

1.) Skilled Worker Immigration Stream 

The Skilled Worker stream and Manitoba Overseas worker Stream under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- MPNP does the following for the applicants who wish to apply for Canada Immigration.
The skilled worker immigration stream selects applicants through a provincial nominee application system called the ‘Expression of Interest’ Or ‘E.O.I.” The Manitoba provincial nominee online application portal that requires the candidates to answer panels of questions. After this the candidates can straight away forward their applications into the EOI pool, once their applications are submitted into the EOI pool, their profile is compared with other eligible profiles based on the answers they have provided. And as a next step, they need to fulfill the requirements of the Manitoba Immigration Points calculator to take their Manitoba provincial nominee application form further.

There are two categories under which the candidates can apply for immigration to Manitoba under the MPNP:

a) Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Skilled Worker in Manitoba category is for skilled workers  who are currently working in Manitoba and hold a permanent, full-time employment offer from their Manitoba employer can apply under this stream.  To be eligible to apply through this category, a candidate has to go through one of the pathways or both the pathways for immigration to Manitoba:-

1. Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

2. Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

Check out the eligibility requirements

To be eligible under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category of the Manitoba PNP, candidates must have the following conditions to fulfill:

  1.  Must possess sufficient settlement funds CAD 10,000 for the principal applicant, in addition, CAD 2,000 for each dependent included in the application.
  2. Candidate must have worked for their current Manitoba employer continuously for at least six months;
  3. Candidate may either be a qualified temporary foreign worker or an international student graduate.
b) Skilled Worker Overseas

Skilled Worker Overseas Category is designed to select eligible candidates based on a points-based assessment system or Manitoba immigration points calculator, who are not the residents of Canada, but they desire for immigration to Manitoba under Manitoba PNP. Applicants will be accepted to apply for a permanent residency visa based on some their score that they are awarded for some basic factors like Age, Experience, Academic qualification and adaptability.  This category holds a couple of pathways through which candidates can be considered:-

1. Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

2. Manitoba Human Capital Pathway


In order to be eligible for the skilled overseas worker category, a candidate needs to fulfill the following conditions in order to proceed further :

  1. Must demonstrate the connection to Manitoba through the previous work experience or education in the province or support of friends or family, or an Invitation to Apply.
  2. Must possess a minimum score of 60 out of 100 points on the points assessment grid.

2.) Business Investor Immigration Stream

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- Business (MPNP-B) Stream has been renamed as the Business Investor Stream. The new selection criteria for this stream will come into effect in early 2018. This category is specifically made for candidates looking to invest in a business venture in the state of Manitoba in Canada. This process can be carried forth by applying through an online system called the Expression of Interest or EOI. After applying through the EOI the candidate’s profile will be compared with other skilled profiles and then the applicant will get an invitation to apply after calculating the required Manitoba business immigration points.

The Business Investor Stream consists of two pathways:-

a) Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway b) Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

To apply under this program, you must have

  1. Minimum personal net worth of CAD $350,000.
  2. At least three years experience as a senior manager or in a business ownership and management experience
  3. You may have to face an interview with a MPNP officer, if required.
  4. Have to do minimum equity investment in Manitoba of CAD $150,000.

3.) MPNP Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

The Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a specialized scheme for immigration to Manitoba. It is designed specially to help immigrants migrate to a rural town known as Morden in the city of Winnipeg. The immigration to Morden under this program is organized through MPNP.

4.) MPNP International Education Stream 

Under the international education stream, the candidates, who have recently graduated from the Manitoba’s educational institutions or universities, are meeting the demand of the workforce in the Manitoba market. This, in turn, leads to the faster nomination process. Only one pathway has been suggested under this category of Manitoba PNP and that is Career Employment Pathway.

Career Employment Pathway

The Career Employment Pathway provides faster nominations to the students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) category through internships. Plus, the post-secondary graduates who find in-demand occupation for a long-term are no longer required to work for six months before applying for MPNP.

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