Work Visa

USA is known by the name, ‘global economic giant’ for its growing financial market and a highly competitive labor industry. Thousands of international skilled workers come to US within multiple occupations or employment options every year, which includes artists, researchers, cultural exchange participants, information technology specialists, religious workers, investors, scientists, athletes, nurses, agricultural workers and others. Many immigrant workers get a legal work permit in the United States after a period of few months. Temporary Worker: An individual seeking temporary work permit in US falls under Non immigrant worker category. With these visa programs, one can enter the nation for a temporary period of time, and is restricted to perform the activities for which his visa was issued. For Permanent Worker: An individual seeking permanent work permit is authorized to live and work indefinitely in the United States.

Work Visa program eventually leads to Permanent Residency Visa which let immigrants to enter and settle down in US and appreciates the rights & benefits in the nation without being its citizen. Permanent Residency select talented immigrants who are not supported by any Employer nor have any former employment offer from US, however have their own abilities in a specific occupation needed in the Country.

With our expert team of Immigration counselors who are trained in US Immigration programs, you can attain detail knowledge on US work visa program including visa eligibility using our free visa assessment, work visa requirements, visa processing time and visa cost. One can also secure US Work Permit under the skilled occupation list in which the nation list outs few occupation which is in high demand in US at that particular time.

US work visa is designed for skilled international workers who are seeking successful career growth along with peaceful life. So, don’t delay your precious time and contact us today for signing up for US Immigration.