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The E1, E2, and E3 visas make possible for a foreign treaty trader, treaty investor, and Australian specialty occupation worker to enter the USA and work in the country. They can get these visas from a US Embassy or Consulate located in their own country. Apart from that, a company in the USA can also file a petition for changing status to E1, E2, and E3 for a non immigrant that is already in the US. The United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) manages the status change and stay extension requests for a non immigrant whose company has made such requests.

All candidates must consult experienced an immigration consultants to prepare their application for the US immigration Program. It happens quite often that many eligible prospective immigrants face rejections because they present and complete their applications badly, mostly missing the required documents. An immigration expert not only helps its clients complete and submit their application properly with proper documents, they also provide useful guidelines and advice necessary for the probable immigrant.

E1 Visa

An E1 visa makes possible for its holder who is a national of one of the treaty countries (listed below) to visit the US and trade in many industries. If a candidate wants to trade in the US representing a country, the company needs to be minimum 50% owned by those who are nationals of treaty countries. Apart from this, the candidates have positions of main responsibility to be eligible for the E1 visa. In simple words, the applicants have to be key workers in the operation of the company as an executive, supervisor, or an individual having some specialized skills for applying. And, the trade amount between the US and the treaty country must be in a huge amount. This trade has to be huge and continuous.

E2 Visa

An E2 Visa is also known as the investor visa used to make an investment in the US. An individual or company has to invest in the US in a huge amount that plays an important role in the economy of the country. Investment in a small volume for making money for the investor and any dependents or family is ineligible for this visa. The investing company has to be a real enterprise rather than being a paper company. The person making investment has to be a national of any treaty country. if a company is investing, that has to be 50% owned by the people who are nationals of any treaty country. Besides that, only a key employee, executive, supervisor, or well-specialized individuals are allowed to apply for this visa. Any employee who is not playing an important role in the investment can’t be eligible for this visa.

E3 Visa

An E3 visa is quite different from an E1 and E2 visas. The main condition of this visa is a nationality rather than trading or investing. Only Australian nationals can be eligible for this visa. Barring that, an Australian candidate needs to work in a specialty occupation requiring extensive knowledge gained through tough training or education. The level of this education should be high like a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. As far as the dependents of an Australian national like the spouse or unmarried children below 21 are also eligible despite not being Australian citizens.

E Visa Application For USA

E visa application for the USA process is not complicated; it requires the same steps made for other non-immigrant type visas. Those steps are given below:

  1. Candidates need to file Form DS-160 and take the confirmation page and code after the proper submission.
  2. An applicant has to submit their one photo in the Form DS-160 page, and the photo has to fulfill the Photo Requirements
  3. The candidate has to pay the application fee that is $205 for E visas. Apart from that, the applicant needs to pay an extra fee depending on the country to which they belong like visa issuance fees or reciprocity fees.
  4. Candidates need to fix their visa interview that is necessary for all prospective immigrants above 13 and below 80. It’s wise to set it early to get rid of long and tedious waits owing to the US Embassy’s case burden. When someone fixes the interview, they will get a visa appointment letter that must be carried when coming for the interview.
  5. The document file of an applicant must include their passport, paid fee receipts, visa appointment letter, Form DS-160 confirmation page and Form DS-156 when applying for an E1 or E2 visa.
  6. The applicant must face the visa interview, where the questions related to the candidate’s purpose of visiting the US can be asked.

E1 Visa Counties And E2 Visa Countries

Only trading and investing is not enough to be eligible for an E1 and E2 visas. There is a list of countries listed having treaties with the USA. These treaties determine the kind of E visa that the citizen of a country can get. It must be kept in mind that the only those countries which have treaties with the US can apply for the visa either by investing or trading. The table given below will make all clear by showing the countries that are involved either in investment, trade, or both with the USA:

CountryE Visa TypeCountryE Visa Type
AlbaniaE-2ArgentinaE-1 and E-2
ArmeniaE-2AustraliaE-1, E-2, and E-3
BelgiumE-1 and E-2BoliviaE-1 and E-2
Bosnia and HerzegovinaE-1 and E-2BruneiE-1
CanadaE-1 and E-2ChileE-1 and E-2
ChinaE-1 and E-2ColumbiaE-1 and E-2
CongoE-2Costa RicaE-1 and E-2
CroatiaE-1 and E-2Czech RepublicE-2
DenmarkE-1 and E-2EcuadorE-2
EgyptE-2EstoniaE-1 and E-2
EthiopiaE-1 and E-2FinlandE-1 and E-2
FranceE-1 and E-2GeorgiaE-2
GermanyE-1 and E-2GreeceE-1
GrenadaE-2HondurasE-1 and E-2
IranE-1 and E-2IrelandE-1 and E-2
IsraelE-1ItalyE-1 and E-2
JamaicaE-2JapanE-1 and E-2
JordanE-1 and E-2KazakhstanE-2
Korea (South)E-1 and E-2KosovoE-1 and E-2
KyrgyzstanE-2LatviaE-1 and E-2
LiberiaE-1 and E-2LithuaniaE-2
LuxembourgE-1 and E-2MacedoniaE-1 and E-2
MexicoE-1 and E-2MoldovaE-2
MongoliaE-2MontenegroE-1 and E-2
MoroccoE-2NetherlandsE-1 and E-2
NorwayE-1 and E-2OmanE-1 and E-2
PakistanE-1 and E-2PanamaE-2
ParaguayE-1 and E-2PhilippinesE-1 and E-2
PolandE-1 and E-2RomaniaE-2
SerbiaE-1 and E-2SenegalE-2
SingaporeE-1 and E-2Slovak RepublicE-2
SloveniaE-1 and E-2SpainE-1 and E-2
Sri LankaE-2SurinameE-1 and E-2
SwedenE-1 and E-2SwitzerlandE-1 and E-2
ThailandE-1 and E-2TogoE-1 and E-2
Trinidad and TobagoE-2TunisiaE-2
TurkeyE-1 and E-2UkraineE-2
United KingdomE-1 and E-2YugoslaviaE-1 and E-2
Trinidad and TobagoE-2TunisiaE-2
TurkeyE-1 and E-2UkraineE-2
United KingdomE-1 and E-2YugoslaviaE-1 and E-2

E Visa Processing Time

The E visa processing time is dependent on its demand. Generally, after applying for any E visa type, it consumes between 8 and 10 weeks for processing the application. After that, the applicant gets a response from the US embassy about their approval or disapproval of their application.

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