L1 L2 Visas

The L1 visa and L2 Visa allow their holders to live in the USA for a certain period of time. The former is for an individual blessed with high skills and extensive knowledge while the latter is for their dependents.

Guidance of a renowned immigration specialist is a must for all prospective US immigrants. Many candidates are eligible for an L1 Visa, but they can’t find someone who will be ready to sponsor them. The US immigration journey starts with the employer for this visa. And, an immigration expert helps you find the best one. Apart from that, you will feel more secure that someone experienced is always with you and provide you with the latest USA news. The more information about the L1 and L2 visas are given below:

L1 Visa

An L1 Visa is also regarded as an intra-company transfer visa for the US. It makes possible for a US company to transfer the main worker from one of its offices that located in a foreign country to its US branch. The L1 visa is divided into the following two categories:

L1 A Visa: The L1 A Visa category is for a manager and executive who are going to be transferred to the US office or come to the USA in order to establish a US office.

L1 B Visa: The L1 B Visa category is for a specialist worker having extraordinary skills and extensive knowledge.

In both of the cases, the employer (petitioning employer) has to submit the visa application. For an L1 A and L1 B, the worker is required to have for the company for one year continuously within the last 36 months.

L1 Visa Duration

One can stay in the USA on an L1 A visa for 7 years maximum and 5 years on an L1 B visa. But, if the worker has earlier worked in the USA on an H visa, their time may be lessened from the permitted stay.

L1 Visa Requirements

The following are the L1 visa requirements, and as a prospective L1 visa holder you must know about the L1 visa eligibility:

  1. The company that is filing a petition for its employee can be a corporation, charity or other kinds of non-profit organization, or a religious organization. There are not any other kinds of eligible entities will be allowed.
  2. The employer who is petitioning in the USA needs to have an eligible relationship with a foreign company. These relationships could comprise of a parent company, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch.
  3. The petitioning employer has to do business as an employer in the USA and minimum in one foreign country. In simple words, the person is actively and continuously providing goods and services. Only having an office is not enough.
  4. The employee needs to have worked for at least one year continuously for the company outside the USA within three years before the application is made. If the employee has worked in the USA for some time, that time will not be countable for the 12-month period.
  5. The employee has a firm intention to go from the USA after the termination of their visa.

L1 Visa Processing Time

The L1 visa processing time doesn’t take much time like other visas. From the date of the application, one needs to wait for an extra of 3 to 4 months to receive a response about the approval or disapproval of the application. A blanket petition is processed in less time than an individual one. Apart from that, an option of getting premium processing is available for the employer by paying an extra fee. It will expedite the L1 A visa processing time, and a response will be given within 1 to 3 weeks.

L2 Visa

An L2 visa is issued to the dependents (spouse and unmarried children below 21) of an individual holding L1 visa. These dependents can keep the company of their relative on the basis of an L2 visa. If a petition is filed and accepted, the L2 visa holder can live with their L1 visa holder in the USA for the same period of time.

L2 Visa Processing Time

Generally, the L2 visa processing time is between 15 days and 1 month, but it may take more time.

L2 Visa Requirements

To satisfy the L2 visa requirements, you have to follow a few conditions. You either should be the spouse or an unmarried child (below 21) of the L1 visa holder. A homosexual partner is can also apply for the L2 visa. The government of the USA doesn’t allow multiple spouses, so only a single spouse can apply for the visa. Only a spouse and children are eligible for this visa not the parents of the main L1 visa holder.

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