Multiple Entry Visa for USA

A multiple entry visa for the USA is a particular kind of visa. It makes possible for its holder to be admitted to the USA multiple times within an allowed period of time. In other words, an individual possessing a multiple entry visa for the US can go to the country and get back to their home country, and again can go to the USA many times.

To be kept in Mind: Don’t consider it true that your visa will be valid for 10 years, and you can’t decide it on your own. Your USA multiple entry visa may be valid for a less period than you expect. It’s up to the Councillor who can grant you a ten-year period if satisfied with your visa application. As far as the USA visa application is concerned, there is not any particular category for applying for a long duration of ten years. It’s not like the UK visa system in which an applicant can select which visa they need or want and pay high fees for the longer duration visa.

As you know that getting a ten year multiple entry visa USA is quite tough due to being subject to many rules, previous records, and the home country of the visa holder. It’s wise to seek some useful advice and instructions related to getting this visa from an efficient immigration specialist before applying. Not only the expert will help you file your application properly, but they will also keep you updated with any latest news, rules, and policies related to the USA immigration, which is enough to make you feel secure and relaxed. Keep reading further to know more about this visa.

USA Multiple Entry Visa 10 Years

The government of the USA provides B1 visa and B2 (tourist visa USA) for business purpose and tourism purpose respectively. These two visas can be valid from 1 month to 10 years. They can allow their holder to go to the USA once, twice, or as many as times as the holder needs or wants within a set period of time. The validity period means for how long the visa is usable for entry into the USA, and the period of stay means that how long the visa holder can stay in the USA after getting there. It is strongly advised not to exceed the allowed number of entries to the country.

US Multiple Entry Visa Requirements

Every country makes some requirements that needed to be satisfied by a candidate applying for a multiple entry visa. A multiple entry visa is still categorized as per the purpose of visiting the USA temporarily. Such as tourist visas, visas related to work or business and so on can be granted as a multiple entry visa. Therefore, an individual has to meet the basic eligibility criteria for that particular visa type to get the multiple entry status. Apart from that, a multiple visa is affected by some restriction and requirements given below:

Gap Between Each Visit:

It depends on the home country of the visa holder that the person has to wait for a particular period of time between each re-entry. For instance, this rule for the individuals coming from India needs a minimum gap of two months between each re-entry. But, this gap period can be exempt from this rule under some circumstances.

Allowed Time For Each Stay:

A limited time period for this visa holder to stay in the USA for their each entry depends on their home country. For instance, an individual coming from China is allowed to stay in the USA for 30 days at most for each entry period, while this limit is for 90 days for those who come from Brazil.


Apart from the basic requirements required to be fulfilled for a temporary visa, getting a multiple entry visa is mostly given to those candidates who have maintained a good record with the USA immigration authorities. These records could be like not having any criminal record, an unquestionable record related to the previous entries, and being free from any deportation history.

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