H4 Dependent Visa

An H4 Visa allows a dependent family member (spouse and children below 21), to accompany their family member having H1 Visa to the USA during their stay. The USCIS makes possible for immediate family members of H visa holders (H1 A, H1 B, H2 B, or H3) to receive the H4 Visa to legally enter the USA and stay there. Generally, the issuance of these visas is done at the local US consulate office overseas. But, if the candidate is already in the USA, they can get H4 status by means of filing Form I-539 for the status change.

Having all knowledge about the H4 visa can lead to overconfidence in a candidate. Many times, eligible applicants file their applications on their own, which are incomplete and improper. It’s wise to take services from a well-reputed immigration consultancy while preparing for the USA immigration. Being under the guidance of immigration professional not only provides assurance, but it also helps you increase your chances of being considered an eligible candidate for the visa. It’s wise to be updated with the latest H4 Visa News and policies.

H4 Visa Work Permit

Some H4 visa holder spouses of those who have H1 B Visa can file Form I-765 or Application for Employment Authorization. On the condition, if the H1 B Visa holder is the main beneficiary of an accepted Form I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker) or has been given H1 B status as per the sections 106 (A) and (B) of the American Competitiveness in the 21th Century Act of 2000 as amended by the Twenty-first Century Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Act (AC21).

The Employment Authorization for Certain H4 Dependent Spouses final rule or H4 rule is known for supporting the purposes of tempting and preserving well-skilled international workers and reducing the obstacles to the US businesses that come from H1 B Visa holders who pick not to remain in the country and try to achieve LPR status.

H4 Visa Processing Time

The H4 Visa processing time is around 90 days. If the application is filed along with the H1 B case, the H4 cases get processed simultaneously. So, if someone files the H1 B premium processing with the H4 request, the case will consume 15 days.

H4 Visa Application

It’s very important that you shouldn’t commit mistakes when you fill the visa application and understand the legalities of the H4 Visa. The following are the useful tips you must keep in mind:

When you give the information for a visa interview and file an online application form for the H4 Visa, you have to do it properly and clearly especially, your last name or given name. On the changing of your maiden name after your marriage, don’t forget to update your passport by providing the new name. Name changing bring about a lot of confusion. It must be resolved by applying.

Apart from that, you must make sure that the authorities have written your name correctly like writing your name in the last name field or writing the last name in the place of the given name etc. it’s a must to check your passport for the assurance that your complete name is given in one line, it’s prudent to get it changed from the passport office before you apply for a visa. In short, your name must be given correctly. You must get your spouse’s name endorsed on the passport in advance.

You must demonstrate enough proof that you married to the primary candidate. You must ensure yourself with carrying a wedding album of your marriage, which includes your wedding photos. It’s important that your groom or bride or your photo is clear enough to be seen easily. It’s better to have some marriage rituals photos, ceremonies photos related to the wedding, engagement ceremony, photos of family members and so on.

When you get your visa, please make sure your visa is free from the following errors:

  1. Name
  2. The spouse’s name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Visa type
  5. Validity time

The ideal way to get an H4 Visa is to do all on the right time in a proper way and at the appropriate place. You must complete the H4 Visa paperwork, comprehend the whole process, be conscious of each and every step during the whole process.

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