USA EB1 Visa

The EB 1 visa is a category of the employment-based (EB) visa group. And, “1” is showing the first preference. The EB 1 visa is a green card or permanent residency provided to a foreigner who is having their transfer from a foreign company to a US branch, or those who have proven their extraordinary talent and skills in their own field whether outside or within the USA, and they want to have a green card. as per the EB 1 visa category, there is not any requirement for filing of a labour certification and proving that no US workers can do such work.

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EB 1 Visa Categories

The EB visa is divided into three categories EB 1, EB 2, and EB 3. Each one has its own requirements:

EB 1 A: This category is for those who have extraordinary talent in the arts, sciences, business, education or athletics. The supporting documents prove the achievements and recognition in the relevant field. The candidate is not required to have US job offer.

EB 1 B: It is for a brilliant professor or researcher having achieved extensive knowledge in the relevant field. The candidate needs to have minimum 3-year experience of teaching or research in their field. Their purpose for entry in the country should be to pursue tenure or to work in a research capacity at college or university.

EB 1 C: The EB 1 C visa is reserved for extremely talented multinational managers or executives. The candidate should have worked out of the USA within the last three-year-period including 1-year work experience for a corporation or firm as a manager or executive. The candidate is expected to want to work in the USA in the same company, subsidiary, or affiliate.

EB 1 A Visa Requirements:

To fulfill the EB 1 visa requirements, the candidate has to meet 3 of the following criteria:

  1. They need to have a solid proof of any membership or association in the relevant field requiring extraordinary accomplishments for a member who wants to join it.
  2. The candidate has to show either a national or international award for their outstanding work.
  3. It’s better if an applicant has some published materials about them any professional publications or any significant media outlet.
  4. They must have a proof of being requested to work as a judge for the assessment of others in the candidate’s field.
  5. The applicant should have some proof of their outstanding contribution to their profession or field.
  6. They need a proof of articles that are written in any professional publication or any significant media outlet.
  7. The candidate is required to have proof of their work being displayed in exhibitions.
  8. They should have a proof that they have performed in an important capacity in well-reputed organizations.
  9. The applicant should have a proof of being paid higher than others in the relevant field.
  10. Candidates need to have a proof of their resounding commercial success in an art field.

EB 1 B Visa Requirements:

To fulfill the EB 1 visa requirements, an applicant needs to have minimum 2 of the necessary points given below and a job offer from a US employer in the relevant field:

  1. They should have a significant award for their excellent accomplishment.
  2. The applicant needs to have any membership or association, which requires major achievement for each member who wants to join it in the relevant field.
  3. The applicant needs to the articles that others have written about their accomplishment within their field.
  4. They need to have some proof of being requested to work as a judge to evaluate others’ work in the relevant field.
  5. The candidate should keep a proof of their unmatchable contribution to their field.
  6. The applicant should have the proof of published journals or books that are written by them within their relevant field.

EB 1 C Requirements:

The following are the EB 1 C requirements that must be satisfied to be eligible for this visa:

  1. The candidate has to have US job offer from the petitioning US employer of their own field.
  2. For minimum one year before the application, the US petitioning company has to be an affiliate, subsidiary, or the same company as the business the candidate was working for in a foreign country.

EB-1 Visa Application Process

The EB 1 visa application process for all of its categories is given below:

EB 1 A visa: As mentioned above, this visa issued to individuals with extraordinary skills. Such individuals can file their petitions for themselves. They need to file a form I-140, which is a petition for a foreign worker.

EB 1 B visa: This visa is reserved for brilliant professors and researchers. They can’t file a petition by themselves; in fact, they need a sponsoring employer to file a form I-140.

EB 1 C visa: The EB 1 C visa is for an extremely talented manager or executive. For this visa, the candidate’s employer has to file USCIS Form I-140.

EB1 Visa Processing Time

According to the USCIS, mostly, the USCIS processes an EB 1 visa petition in around 4 to 6 months. After the approval of the visa, the USCIS consumes around 3 to 5 months for the issuance of a Green Card.

EB 1 Premium Processing

As already mentioned, that getting an approval for the extraordinary talent petition through the Form I-140 may consume up to 6 months from the date of filing with the USCIS. The processing time can be variable according to the regional service centre’s workload, so it’s wise to go for the premium processing. Due to this service, a decision for processing is made in 15 Calendar days. But, one has to pay an additional amount of $1,225 fee for this service. Don’t have a misunderstanding that it will increase your chances of being approved. It is used for the reduction of time that the USCIS takes for a decision.

You must remember that the priority date is not always current. Due to pending work, it may take a very long time. In such a case, you waiting time will not be lessened. The immigration authority can postpone your petition until it reaches your priority date being current.

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