USA P1 P2 P3 P4 Visa

The P1, P2, P3, and P4 are the P visa types. These visas are issued to a foreign athlete, famous artist, a member of an entertaining group, coach, and their family members. In this article, about each one of them is told clearly and the requirements that must be satisfied to get the visa.

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P1 Visa

A P1 visa is issued to an athlete, and world-famous artist and entertainment group to allow them to be admitted to the US to be involved in a globally famous event for a US employer or any international employer who is working by means of a US agent. There are two kinds of individuals covered by the P1 visa, which is why the visa has two categories given below with an outline for each of them:

P1 A visa: The P1 A visa is provided to a globally popular athlete or athlete team.

P1 B visa: The P1 B visa is issued to an artist or a member of an entertaining group recognized worldwide.

P1 Visa Requirements

The following are the P1 visa requirements for each of its category:

P1 A for an athlete or athlete group:

The athlete or athlete team requires being recognized globally in their sport and coming to the US to do those service which needs such recognition. A strong proof of a legal contract with a main US sports league or organization is a must. And, at least two of the following must be proved:

  1. You have taken part in US major sports in previous seasons.
  2. You have participated in some international competitions with a national team.
  3. You have been a participant of an earlier US college or university season in inter-college competitions.
  4. You must a statement from a major US sports league or official of the sport’s governing body showing your and your team’s global recognition.
  5. You should have a written statement from a recognized expert or the sports media.
  6. You have an international rank given by an internationally recognized sports organization.
  7. You have a major award or honors in the sport.

P1 B for an artist or entertaining group:

An artist or an entertainment group needs to have an international recognition, and either of them coming to the US to do a service requiring such fame. The requirements for this are divided into two points, and each one of them has some sub-points given below:

It’s mandatory for you to provide a lawful contract with a US employer or agent. Apart from that, you must show evidence for the following:

  1. The planned service that will take place in the US needs a world-famous artist or entertaining group.
  2. 75% of your group members have had a continuous and main relationship with the group for minimum one year and they provide those functions important to complete the performance of the group.
  3. Your group has won many major international awards or nominations for performing greatly.

Apart from that, your group also needs to prove any three of the following:

  1. Your group has achieved worldwide recognition and acclamation for its great achievements.
  2. As a leading entertaining group, your group has performed, will perform in events with the highly-acclaimed reputation.
  3. Your group has achieved significant commercial or critical acclamation’s and successes.
  4. Your group’s achievements are well-known and praised by those organizations, government agencies, critics, and experts recognized globally.
  5. Your group has asked for and will demand a higher salary or any major remuneration in comparison to the other ones.

P2 Visa

The P2 visa issued to those who are coming temporarily to the USA with the purpose to perform as an artist or entertainer either individually or as a member of an entertaining group. The prospective P2 visa holder will perform in a reciprocal exchange that is between a US organization and another country organization.

P2 Visa Requirements

The following are the P2 visa requirements that must be satisfied by the candidate:

  1. You are blessed with the same talent and skills worth-comparing to the ones that the US artists and entertainers have who are taking part in the program abroad.
  2. Having a US employer, organization, or agent is a must for you, who can sponsor you for taking part in the exchange program in the USA.
  3. As an applicant for the P2 visa, you may need to satisfy some health and character requirements.

P3 Visa

The P3 visa is non immigrant visa category issued to a foreign citizen to be legally admitted to the US. The intention for coming should be performing, teaching, or coaching as an entertainer or artist either individually or a group member in a culturally unique program.

P3 Visa Requirements

To fulfill the P3 visa, you need to prove the following:

  1. The purpose of your coming to the USA is to understand, develop, promote, or ease an art form that is culturally unique.
  2. You provide a major and integral support for a P3 artist or entertainer, and providing such support is not possible by a US worker.
  3. You possess the required knowledge, qualifications, and experience in the support you provide to the artist and entertainer.
  4. Being sponsored by an educational, cultural, or government organization is a must for you.
  5. The global recognition is the example of your achievement in the culturally unique program you will perform in the USA.
  6. You must satisfy all character and health requirements.

P4 Visa

The P4 is a dependent and non immigrant visa. it is issued to the dependent spouse or children (below 21) of the individuals holding P1 visa, P2 visa, and P3 visa to legally come to the USA and live with the primary visa holders. A P4 visa is not provided to a parent, in-laws, or adult sons and daughters (21 or older).

P4 Visa Requirements

You must satisfy the P4 visa requirements given below to be eligible for this visa:

  1. You are required to have a valid passport.
  2. You must provide the evidence of the relationship with the primary visa holder.
  3. You should have a copy of your family member’s Notice of Action Form I-797.

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