S Category Visa USA

S Visa or S Visa USA

The S visa falls under the category of the nonimmigrant visa. An S visa is issued to the person who provides necessary assistance required for the law enforcement either as an informant or witness in criminal prosecution or investigation. The person providing such support can enter and stay in the United States during the prosecution or investigation of crimes. Furthermore, having satisfied all the cooperation terms, the informant or witness is qualified for the permanent residency. Keep reading further to know more about S5 and S6 visas and these visa holders’ dependents.

S Visa Requirements

The S visa requirements are that the candidate needs to very important information about a crime that has already taken place or may happen in the future, and the applicant wants to inform the law enforcement authority about that.

The petition for this visa may require a federal or state law enforcement agency, or the US Attorney’s office if they find the applicant having such information.

As mentioned above, if the S visa holder fulfills all the terms of their cooperation with the law enforcement agency, they can apply for the Green Card. the law enforcement agency that will petition for the visa holder has to file the record of the candidate’s assistance or cooperation before the candidate goes to file their own application for the status adjustment.

S5 Visa (Criminal Informant)

The S5 visa is issued to a foreigner who is, according to the Attorney General,  thought to be having very important information and trustworthy about a criminal organization. The foreign national must want to share or have shared such information with the federal or state law enforcement authority, with a federal or state court. It has to be made sure by the Attorney General that the foreigner’s being in the USA is important for the success of any authorized criminal investigation or prosecution of those criminals who have participated in a criminal enterprise or organization.

S6 Visa (Terrorist Informant)

The S6 visa is issued to those whom the Attorney General and Secretary of State have considered having very important and reliable information that is related to a terrorist organization, plan, operation, or enterprise. Apart from that, the individual must want to provide or have provided information to the federal law enforcement authorities or a federal court. The Attorney General and Secretary must make sure that the foreigner with such information can be endangered after providing such information, or deserve to have a cash reward as per the §36(a) of the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956.

 S5 Visa And S6 Visa Requirements And Conditions

The S5 visa and S6 visa requirements and conditioned mentioned above don’t end there. There are also some other requirements that must be fulfilled by these two visa holders who enter the USA. These aliens have to report quarterly to the Attorney General. If they don’t report, the USCIS may start their removal from the USA proceedings. The legal nonimmigrant status of the visa holders will be terminated if they are found convicted of a criminal offence that is punishable by a year or more of imprisonment after the admission date. The aliens have to waive their right to contest (except for the one based on an application for withholding of deportation) any deportation act that is done before the visa holders get legal permanent residence status. Apart from that, these aliens have to follow any limitations and conditions imposed on them by the Attorney General.

Dependents Of S Visa Holders

The dependents of an S visa holders like the spouse, children (married or unmarried), and parents can also get S visas. Furthermore, these dependents can also be eligible for the Green Card when the primary visa holder can apply for the same.

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