USA EB4 Visa

Mostly, EB 4 visa is issued to a worker who comes to the US to provide their service to a religious community. This visa is also given to other US migrants who are not eligible for any other EB visa category:

  1. If NATO-6 employee is dead, spouse and children are still eligible
  2. Retired employees of NATO-6
  3. Employees of the Panama Canal
  4. Members of Armed Forces
  5. Physicians
  6. Employees of an International Organization
  7. Iraqis who have provided aid to the U.S
  8. Broadcasters
  9. Iraqi and Afghan translators

Although this article consists of the sufficient information, you mustn’t be over-confident and start submitting your application on your own. You need to hire an immigration specialist, who can help you with application preparation, form collection, and application submission at the right place at the right time. Apart from that, they will keep you updated with the latest USA immigration news, rules, and policies, which will benefit you. 

EB 4 Visa Requirements

A candidate has to satisfy some EB 4 visa requirements given below:

  1. The candidate needs to have a valid and permanent employment offer from a US employer. Seasonal or part-time job offers are not eligible.
  2. Candidates have to possess the job position in their occupation and any job offer from employers not relevant to their field of is ineligible.

Except for the candidates, some requirements must be met by the US employer. The employer has to show and prove that they are financially capable of appointing a foreigner. If they are not, they can’t recruit EB 4 visa applicants.

EB 4 Visa Application

The EB 4 visa application process requires the involvement of both the US employer and the foreign candidate. It is divided into the two parts given below:

  1. The sponsoring employer has to file a petition for the foreign worker with the USCIS.
  2. If the petition is approved, the foreign worker needs to apply for the visa at a US Embassy or Consulate in their own country.

EB 4 Visa Processing Time

Due to the annual quota of EB 4 visas, the EB 4 visa processing time can extremely long. The processing of the visas is done in order, so if a visa is the next after the end of the year and filled quota, that application will be started to process in the next year. Many people are in quest of this visa, and that’s why an applicant may wait for a short time like a few months or 1 year or for a much longer time that is up to 4 years. Everything is dependent on when a candidate applies and when their priority date becomes current. The USCIS and NVC inform candidates when they can begin their application to be processed.

Dependents Of The EB 4 Visa Holder

Many EB 4 visa holders can bring their dependents (spouse and unmarried children (below 21) to the USA. On the approval of an EB 4 visa, the spouse and children of the candidate can apply for the derivative family visas. If the visa of dependents is approved, the primary visa holder’s spouse can apply for the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and can work in the country.

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