K1 K2 K3 K4 Visa

K1, K2, K3, and K4 visas are issued to the fiancé/fiancée of a US citizen, fiancée/fiance’s child, a US citizen’s spouse, and a US spouse’ child respectively. Overviews of all visa types are given below one by one with the requirements for each one of them.

One should always seek advice and guidance from an immigration specialist when applying for any visa for the USA immigration. Uncountable candidates apply for the visas provided by the USCIS and face rejections. It tends to happen because they don’t know the appropriate method required to fill and present their applications systematically. Not only the immigration expert will help the prospective immigrant with their application, but they will also keep them updated with the latest news and rules important for the candidate. To know about K1, K2, K3, and K4 Visas and their requirements, keep reading below:

K1 Visa (Fiancee Visa)

A K1 (Fiance Visa) is issued to a foreign national who wants to marry a US citizen and live in the USA permanently. For the petition submission, a US citizen (the petitioner) must have a firm intention to marry their fiancé/fiancée within a period of 90 days of their entry to the US. This visa is valid for 90 days, and after that, it expires on its own. One can’t extend it. The fiancée/fiancé has to go from the US after 90 days if they don’t get married to the petitioner. If the fiancée/ fiancé doesn’t leave the country, they will be breaking the US immigration law. It will bring about deportation and may adversely affect future eligibility for the US immigration benefits.

K1 Visa Requirements

K1 Visa requirements are given below, a candidate has to fulfill all the following:

  1. The candidate and their fiancée/fiancé can legally marry as per the laws of their country and the laws of the US too.
  2. The candidate will marry their petitioning US citizen within a period of 90 days after they reach the US.
  3. The candidate’s purpose of going to the US is only getting married to the US citizen.
  4. The candidate has met the US citizen within the last two years before they file for the K1 visa. This is not required if meeting your fiancé or fiancee in person will be against a long-established custom or will create problems for the US citizen.

K2 Visa

A K2 Visa is issued to the fiancée/fiance’s child (unmarried and below 21) to the USA. The name of the child has to be in the petition that is submitted for the K2 Visa.

K2 Visa Requirements

A candidate has to meet all these K2 visa requirements to be eligible for this visa:

  1. The candidate’s age should be below 21.
  2. Candidates must be the children of K1 visa candidates
  3. The candidate must aspire to immigrate to the US.

K3 Visa

A K3 Visa makes possible for a spouse of a US citizen to come to the US in the category of a nonimmigrant visa while the visa holder waits until they can apply for the legal permanent residence status (status adjustment).

K3 Visa Requirements

A candidate has to fulfill all the K3 Visa requirements given below:

  1. The candidate has to be legally married to a US citizen.
  2. The candidate needs to have family based I-130 immigration petition that is filed the US citizen on their behalf of the candidate.
  3. The candidate wants to go to the US to wait for the granting of their green card petition and subsequent legal permanent resident status.

K4 Visa

The child of K3 visa candidate is eligible K4 visa if the child is unmarried and below 21. The K4 visa is nonimmigrant visa and its holder will be allowed to stay in the US for 2 years or before the day when they get 21 years old (21st birthday) whichever comes first. When the K4 visa holder gets 21 years old, their visa will automatically expire. The K4 Visa holder’s permission to stay in the US automatically expires when K3’s status expires. The K4 will automatically expire after 30 days when the child gets married.

K4 Visa Requirements

To meet the K4 visa requirements, a candidate must have the following:

  1. The candidate should be below 21.
  2. They have to be an unmarried child of a K3 visa applicant.
  3. They must look for the immigration to the USA.

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