I1 Visa USA

An I1 Visa (Media Visa) falls in the category of the non immigrant visa. The United States issues it. This is given to a foreign media representative who travels to the US for fulfilling the purpose of their profession. An applicant has to meet all the eligibility criteria, which is the prospective visa holder should be a resident of a foreign country, they should work for a foreign information outlet that has its head office located in their respective country.

This visa is not a guarantee for any foreign media representative to enter the US. First, the holder can travel to the US port-of-entry to face an interview taken by an official of USCIS. After the interview, the official makes an official decision. This decision could be an approval or disapproval for the visa holder to enter and work in the US.

This article will provide you with all the necessary information related to the I1 Visa, but don’t even think of applying for the same on your own. Many eligible prospective immigrants like you fill and send their application, which leads to the disapproval. It is because of the unprofessional method they use to complete the application. To avoid such problems, you must consult an immigration expert and follow their guidance properly. Not only they help you with the application, but they can also keep you updated with the latest US immigration news and advise you to become more eligible for the visa.

I1 Visa Requirements

To meet the I1 Visa requirements, a foreign media representative has to have the following:

  1. The candidate should represent a foreign media outlet like radio, press, film, or any type of foreign information media.
  2. They must enter the US to work for their profession
  3. Applicants need to have a home office in a foreign country

The list of occupation under the category consists of film crews, reporters, editors, and similar occupations. Any spouse and children below 21 can come with the visa holder and join as an I nonimmigrant.

I1 Visa Application Process

The following are the steps of the I Visa Application Process:

  1. The candidate has to fill in application Form DS-160(3) online with a photo that meets the requirements and print the confirmation for its use in the future for the interview at the American Embassy or Consulate.
  2. Candidates must fix an appointment at the Embassy or Consulate in their own country.
  3. The candidate needs to submit the visa application fee before the interview, if needed (dependent on the country)
  4. Required documents like a valid passport, visa application, confirmation page, receipt of the paid application fee, a photo (if couldn’t upload that), and employment proof (dependent on the country and occupation) must be kept before the interview
  5. Applicants have to face an interview taken by a consular officer.
  6. The candidate needs to take their passport after the completion of all administrative process and submit the visa issuance fee.

I1 Visa Duration

Generally, the I1 visa duration is granted for one year. When the visa holder reaches the US-port-of-entry, they are provided Form I-94(7) and a stamp which determines the time limit of the holder’s stay in the US. The visa holder doesn’t have to leave or enter the US again before the expiry of their permission document.

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