Fast Track Scheme

Denmark Fast-track Scheme is an accessible proposal for certified companies to hire overseas immigrants with good qualifications or skills to live and work in Denmark . A residence and work permit under the Fast-track scheme can be granted for a period of up to four years.

Key Requirements to be eligible for Denmark Fast-track Scheme 

a)The employer under whom you will work,  should be registered for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) by the the Denmark Agency.

b)You have to meet the conditions of one of the tracks.
c) The employer should submit the work and residence permit through online for Fast track scheme.
d) You have to attach the copy of your job offer or employment agreement stating all the term and conditions of the employer at the time of applying for the visa application.
e) You have to make sure that your salary and employment conditions must correspond to Danish standards.
f) You have to obtain a Danish authorization when your profession is correlated by law. For e.g.- Doctor.

How does Fast-track scheme work? 

The Fast-track scheme is divided into four tracks:

  1.  The foreign nationals employed according to the conditions in the Denmark Pay Limit scheme
  2. The foreign nationals employed researchers.
  3. The purpose of the employment is a high level educational stay.
  4. The employment is for a short term stay.

How much time does the process takes?
The process duration for Fast-track scheme for Denmark usually acquires 6 months or above depending on the candidate’s application.

 Fast-track Scheme types

a) The Researcher Track

You can choose the researcher track if you have been offered a position as a Researcher. You don’t have to apply for the residence or work permit if your stay is less than 90 days and you have invited for the position of researcher, scientist or speaker. You need to receive an employment agreement to know your working conditions as per the Danish standards. If you know already that your stay will be more than 90 days in Denmark, you may apply for the residence permit to cover your initial 90 days.

b) The Educational Track

The highly-qualified International national may apply for the educational track if he/she has notable experience within the specific professionals’ field of work. The motive behind your stay is to get the training from the certified company or to train other employees in a certified company at a high level. You can’t apply for the permit via this track if you are a trainee but if you are here to provide training; your employer should tell the educational purpose of your stay.

c) The short-term Track

This track is suitable for you if you have been offered the contract for the period of three months in a certified company and you are included in the list of the rules of exemption. You can’t apply for more than once in a year for the short-term permit and your stay should not exceed more than three months.

d) The Pay-limit Track

You may apply for work and residence permit based on the Pay Limit Scheme if you have highly paid offer in Denmark. To be eligible to qualify for a work and residence permit in Denmark under this scheme, you must have job offer from a Denmark employer and it should be not less than  DKK 375,000 a year

Documents required for the fast-track Scheme

1) You have to attach the receipt of your payment.

2) You have to submit your educational documents, an employment offer that contains basic details about your Job description, employment conditions, and salary. The job offer should be less than 30 days period.

3) You need to submit the power of attorney from the applicant.

4) You need to submit the authorized documents; Danish authorization is required when your job is regulated by law.

Duration of stay

Fast-track Scheme proffers an alternate between working in Denmark and working Abroad. If you apply from abroad, you will be granted with one-month validity prior to the beginning of your work. You have to assure that you can support yourself and your accompanying members during your stay. You will be given time to settle in Denmark. If you apply in Denmark, your duration of residence permit will begin the day you start working.

a) When your employment is less than four years
Under this, your work and residence permit will be valid till your employment period. You may apply for the extension prior to the expiry of your work and residence permit.
b) When employment is four years or more
You will get the validity for up to four years. If you want to increase your stay period in Denmark to continue your work, you have to apply for the extension and it should be based on the extension of your employment.
c) When employment is for a short-term permit
You can stay for the maximum of three months in the whole duration of one year. You can’t extend your stay and you can’t segregate your three months period in different stays.
d) Short validity because of passport time-limit
Your residence permit is valid for 90 days before the deadline for your passport.

The Cost of Denmark Fast-track Scheme is DKK 3280.


  1. The applicant can travel across Denmark.
  2. It provides foreign employees the option of starting work immediately after filing the application.

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