Join Family Living Permanently in the UK

You can accompany your family  in the UK by applying for the join family in the UK visa. The applicants who are from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland and looking forward to joining the Family member living in the UK that is living permanently in the UK can apply under a “family of a settled person” visa.

Requirements of Join Family Living Permanently in the UK scheme

You are eligible to apply for Join Family living permanently in the UK if your family member meets one of the following conditions:

a) Your family member is settled in the UK

b) A British citizen

c) Holds the humanitarian protection or asylum in the UK.

The applicant needs to meet the below-given requirements to be eligible to join family living permanently in the UK:

a) The applicant should be 18 or above.

b) The family member who will accompany the applicant in the UK needs to provide them accommodation to reside in the UK.

c) The applicant has to meet the English language requirements as set by the UK higher authorities unless the applicant is less than 18 years of age.

d) You have to show that you have the authentic relationship with the family member and your relationship should be accepted in the UK. For e.g. – if you are married, your marriage should be legal as per the rules and regulations in the UK.

If the application of the candidate gets selected and receives the visa, he/she is able to join their family members like the parent, spouse/ fiancé/ civil partner, child or family who needs c to take care of them in the UK.


The applicants, who’re already in the UK, have to apply to Remain in the UK with family. If you want to reunite with your parents or partner who holds the asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK, you need to apply for a ‘family reunion’ visa to stay with them in the UK.

Eligibility requirements to join family permanently in the UK:

If you want to join our partner, parent or, a child you can apply for the Join Family permanently in the UK.

a) Joining Partner

You and your parent need to provide evidence that you are above 18 and share an authentication and valid relationship as per the UK rules. You have to meet the below-given requirements:

1)    You both should be civil partners or are married.

2)    You both have spent at least two years together.

3)    If you’re applying for this visa along with your one child, you need to have the funds around £22,400 each year.

b) Joining Parents

If you want to join your parents in the UK, you need to meet the below-given requirements:

1)    Your age should be less than 18 years of age.

2)    You should be unmarried or living independently.

3)    You have to prove that your parents will support you financially and will look after the living expenses including accommodation, food, traveling cost etc.

c) Looking after child

You can accompany your child who is less than 18 years and live in the UK. You have to meet the below-given requirements to be eligible to apply:

1)    Only parents are responsible to look after the child.

2)    You have given the custody of the child and have to raise the child.

3)    You have to play the important role and participate in the process of your child’s learning stage.

4)    You must have adequate funds to support yourself in the UK without taking the access of public funds.

d) Adult Dependent Relative

If you’re planning to enter the UK as an adult Dependent Relative, you have to meet the following requirements:

1)    You should be 18 or above.

2)    You should be financially dependent on your parents, sibling, parent or child who resides permanently in the UK.

3)    You have to submit the proofs stating that your family in the UK can support you financially without using the public funds for the period of five years.

Documents requirement

You have to make sure that you have all the documents that are required in the visa application process. Don’t forget to add below-given documents in your document checklist:

a) You must have your latest passport or other travel documents that have your personal ID.

b) You must have evidence to support your relationship status with the other person with whom they want to live in the UK.

c) You must have proof like bank statements, to state that you are financially strong and can look after yourself.

d) You should be more than 18 years and need to show that you have proficient English unless you’re an adult dependent relative.

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