New Zealand Family visa

New Zealand is a spectacular destination for bringing your family members under Family Visa where the New Zealand Citizen or  Permanent resident (PR) have the privilege to welcome their child or spouse or parent under various New Zealand Family visa categories.

New Zealand is the safest and cleanest country to reside and travel. The immigrants migrating to New Zealand have the benefit of family friendly ambiance and stupendous education opportunities. The New Zealand immigration is a bit different from other countries in defining the family categories for applying to family visa.

New Zealand Family Stream Visa

Dependent Child visa

If you are a child of New Zealand Resident or citizen or visa holder then you are eligible to apply for  dependent child visa under following obligation-

  1. You must be less than 24 years of age.
  2. The child must be single.
  3. You should dependent upon your parent for all your expenses.

There some range of visa applicable if you want to migrate to New Zealand as a dependent child. Check the visa which suits you-

1. Child of Worker visitor Visa

  With this visa a child is eligible to live and travel in New Zealand under their parent’s work visa for a definite period of time. The duration of this dependent child visa depend upon the validity of work visa of the parent.

The Child is needed to be under 19 and have the benefit of studying in New Zealand schools for 3 months maximum under this family visa. The child visa will be approved if the work visa of parent visa got approved.

2. Child of Student Visitor visa

The child can get a chance to live in the nation under the Student visa of the parent. The child can visit the country on temporary basis with their parents and can stay till the student visa of the parent is valid. Child can study for 3 months in New Zealand school if they equal or under 19 years.

3. Child of Military Visitor visa

The child who is included in the Military visa application made by their parent is eligible to live and explore New Zealand as visitor. The maximum age accepted is 19 years and below. The child can stay till the parent’s Military visa expires. Child has the right to study for 3 months maximum in schools of new Zealand.

4.  Dependent Child Resident Visa

The child of any New Zealand Resident or citizen has access to this visa which permits the child of Resident visa holder. The age limit is 24 and below and also, you can work in New Zealand if you are old enough. They are required to submit proofs of good character, and give support in other investigation.

5. Child of New Zealander visitor visa

This visa is for the child of New Zealand Visitor Visa holder, then you are eligible to live and experience the culture of New Zealand as a tourist. The duration is 9 months which is the normal time for a New Zealand Tourist Visa. The age should be under 19 and must have a sponsor for financial support.

Partner visa

If you are the Spouse or partner of New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, then you are eligible to apply for this type of family visa. This visa is for partner who is in a civil relationship, or in a de facto relationship or married to the New Zealand citizen or resident. With Spouse visa for New Zealand, your partner can accompany you in NZ.

This category of family visa includes variety through which a partner or spouse can travel to the New Zealand.

1. Partner of Student Visitor Visa

If you have a spouse who is student visa holder in New Zealand, then you can apply for this visa in their visa application. You can stay till the partner’s visa get expires and can study for 3 months of time.

2. Partner Student Work Visa

The spouse of New Zealand Student Visa holder will get the privilege to work in New Zealand for same duration as that of Partner’s student visa. The partner has the facility of to study for 3 months and can include dependent child in the visa application.

3. Partner of Worker Work Visa

This Visa is applicable if your spouse is living in New Zealand under Work Visa and is supporting his/her partner in the visa application. The partner can work and have the same validity as the Work visa of the partner.

4. Partner of New Zealand Resident visa

One who has a partner living in New Zealand as a resident can add partner while applying to work visa. This visa lets the partner to live, work and study in New Zealand. You can also add dependent child which should be under 24 in the visa application and live for indefinite period of time.

5. Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor visa

Under this visa, the partner living in New Zealand is needed to support the Visitor Visa application applied by the spouse to come to the NZ and marry the partner. The marriage should follow the pre-defined marriage culture and get married within first 3 months of arrival.

6. Partner of Military Visitor Visa

If your partner is Military visa holder then it makes you eligible to apply with your partner and can travel to New Zealand for a valid time period which is same as partner Military visa.

7. Partner of Military Work Visa

This visa enables the Military Visa holder to include and support the spouse in the visa application. The partner has the privilege to work in New Zealand and can study up to 3 months.

Parent Visa

The Parent Visa New Zealand enables the parent of New Zealand Citizen or New Zealand permanent resident to come and visit New Zealand to meet their children and explore the wide culture of New Zealand. There are some visa options through which parents can be included in the visa application done by their children.

1. Parent and Grandparent Visitor visa

This option permits the parent of New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to travel to New Zealand for multiple numbers of times. The reason can be a visit to children or grandchildren living in New Zealand. You can apply only when you are outside of New Zealand and the validity is 6 months minimum which can be extended to 18 months in 3 years.

2. Parent Retirement Resident Visa

For this visa you should have an adult child living in New Zealand and also required to have annual income of NZ $60,000 plus $1 million to invest for 4 years and more money for living expenses. The time period is indefinite if you accomplishes following criteria. You can work, study and live with the option of including your partner in the application.

3. Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

The Guardian or parent of any student visa holder is eligible to apply with their child in visa application. The purpose is to provide support and care to the child where you have the option to move in and out of New Zealand at any point of time till your visa is valid.

How can Make Visas guide you in applying for Family Visa?

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