What are the benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residency ?

In this page, we will discuss about the benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residency . New Zealand is one of the popular overseas immigration destinations where immigrants plan to settle indefinitely on a permanent residency visa. Indians followed by South African and China residents are in the list of people whose proportion is higher when it comes to applying for New Zealand Immigration process.

Being the 53rd nation in the world based on national GDP, New Zealand has copious advantages to offer in your kitty.  With well-diverse culture, first-rate countryside view, healthy environment to settle in and unwavering economy, New Zealand is the perfect country to get settled. In this page, delve through all the benefits of New Zealand permanent residency (PR ) Visa:

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Get the idea about the New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

New Zealand Permanent Residency visa allows you to live, work, and settle anywhere in the nation permanently. Candidates with age 55 or less can apply for this visa provided they have to get 6.5 overall IELTS score. There are numerous visa programs through which you can attain permanent residency status and settle permanently with your family members.

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a)  Candidates applying under Skilled Migrant Category have to score a minimum of 100 points on the New Zealand Points System which is based on factors such as age, qualification, work experience, skilled employment, etc and their occupation should be available in the New Zealand Occupation List that includes all the occupation which are high in demand.

b)   Another way to get permanent residency visa is to invest in the New Zealand economy. With New Zealand Business visa, you can start your business in the nation or be the part of the existing business in the nation provided you have to meet the eligibility criteria. It is a pathway to gain permanent residency in New Zealand.

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What are the benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residency?

a) High standard of Living

This factor surely attracts numerous migrants. Besides it, it has a low crime rate and transparent government policies that boost people to settle permanently for better living. 

b) Social and Medical benefits

Immigrants can easily settle down in the nation without facing any difficulty as the rules and guidelines are in favor of immigrants. Permanent residency holders get access to medical facilities at subsidized rates. You can cast vote and choose your leader after spending a year in New Zealand on your visa.

c) Top-class education system

Children of permanent residency holders get free education in the schools and colleges run by the government. The Government makes sure to provide the best possible support to children by giving them a friendly environment to study.

d) Sponsor your family members

You can sponsor your family members or relatives for permanent residency provided they have to meet the eligibility requirement.

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