Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Australia Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 allows individuals to reside who have resided at least for the period of two years and worked for the minimum span of one year in specified region of Australia . It is a permanent residency visa program that allows you to live and work in specified regions of Australia. You need to be in Australia at the time of filing the visa application and the day when 887 visa granted. Check out the 887 visa checklist before filing the visa application.

Requirements of Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

  1. You have to be in Australia at the time of filling the visa application.
  2. You have to meet all the health and character requirements.
  3. If you have some outstanding debts to Australian government, you need to clear it before filing the visa application.
  4. You have resided at least for 2 years in specified regions or designated areas of Australia.
  5. You have worked minimum for one year in specified regions or designated areas of Australia.
  6. You need to be the holder of one of the below-mentioned visas and you must have resided in for at least two years:
  7. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)
  8. Skilled Independent (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 495)
  9. Skilled Regional Designated Visa (Subclass 496)
  10. You must be a holder of Bridging Visa A or Bridging Visa after filing for subclass 487, 495 or 489.

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Specified Regional areas:

Regional and low population growth metropolitan areasPost Codes
New South Wales (NSW)

Anywhere except Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong

2311 to 2312, 2328 to 2411, 2420 to 2490, 2536 to 2551, 2575 to 2594, 2618 to 2739, 2787 to 2898
Northern TerritoryEntire territory

Anywhere except the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast

4124 to 4125, 4133, 4211, 4270 to 4272, 4275, 4280, 4285, 4287, 4307 to 4499, 4515, 4517 to 4519, 4522 to 4899
South AustraliaEntire state
TasmaniaEntire state

Anywhere except the Melbourne metropolitan area

3211 to 3334, 3340 to 3424, 3430 to 3649, 3658 to 3749, 3753, 3756, 3758, 3762, 3764, 3778 to 3781, 3783, 3797, 3799, 3810 to 3909, 3921 to 3925, 3945 to 3974, 3979, 3981 to 3996
Western Australia

Anywhere except Perth and surrounding areas

6041 to 6044, 6083 to 6084, 6121 to 6126,6200 to 6799

Designated Areas of Australia

State or TerritoryDesignated area
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Entire territory
New South Wales (NSW) (except Sydney, New Castle , and Wollongong)
Northern TerritoryEntire territory

(anywhere outside the Brisbane metropolitan area)

4019 to 4028, 4037 to 4050, 4079 to 4100, 4114, 4118, 4124 to 4150, 4158 to 4168, 4180 to 4899
South AustraliaEntire state
TasmaniaEntire state
VictoriaEntire state
Western AustraliaEntire state

Processing time of the visa

Skilled Regional Visa75% of applications processed in90% of applications processed in
Subclass 88719 months22 months

 Cost of the visa

Skilled Regional VisaMain applicant ChargeAdditional applicant charge( 18 years and above)Additional applicant charge (less than 18 years of age)
Subclass 887AUD 415AUD 210AUD 105

Other additional Charges: candidates have to pay additional charges for the health exam, character certificate and other translated documents.

  1. Health exam: you have to submit health exam reports stating that you are free from any kind of serious disease and are properly fit and fine. This exam lasts for the period of 12 months only.
  2. Police clearance certificate: You have to provide character proof from the nations(s) where you have resided in from past 12 months.
  3. Other documents: if your documents are not available in English language, then you have to translate it into English language from the Recognized Accessing Authority.

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Key benefits of this visa

After getting the  887 visa Australia , you can enjoy the below-given benefits:

  1. You will get the opportunity to live and work in Australia.
  2. You can live in Australia indefinitely.
  3. You may do your studies during your stay in Australia.
  4. You can sponsor your family members, if they are eligible for the permanent residency program.
  5. You will get the access to social security payments.
  6. You can apply for Australia citizenship if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  7. You may get registered in Medicare; Australian Scheme for health care related expenses.
  8. You are free to travel in and out of Australia till the time your visa is valid.

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