Maritime Crew Visa Subclass 988

The Australia Maritime Crew Visa subclass 988, a short term visa, customized for international crew member who has been employed or under the offer of employment to work on the non-military cruise of Australia to undertake an international crusade or journey to Australia through the channel of sea.

Applicants do not have to submit any application fee for acquiring Maritime crew Visa. With Maritime crew visa, immigrants do not get right to live and work in Australia, but can do operational activities required to perform while in the ship.  The use of cruise is accounted for commercial purposes, and hoisting passengers to their destination. It is governed by foreign government availed for scientific research. Also, Maritime Crew Visa is specifically for foreign crew of cruise and is not applicable to permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizens.

  Maritime Crew Visa Eligibility Requirements

  1. You should be out of Australia
  2. Possess a designation of crew member on a non-military ship that is barging an international odyssey to Australia.
  3. You must not be an inhabitant of Australia
  4. You must arrive or depart from the Australia through sea route only as sea crew.
  5. You are demanded to provide health insurance at the time when you appear in Australia. The Australian government is not responsible for your health deficiencies. In some cases, if you are suffering from a contagious disease, the commander of the ship will have to contact Australian quarantine authorities.
  6. Necessary character requirements is needed to be fulfill like police certifications from the country you have lived for 12 months at least and also, penal clearance certificate.
  7. No sundry debts should be maintained with Australian Government. Besides the applicant, family member in the application must also have no debts to Australia.

Maritime Crew Visa Processing Time

Maritime Crew visa processing time is very less as compared to other Australian visas. The minimum time Maritime Crew visa takes is 1 day to 4 days.

For quick processing time you have to deposit all the documents on demand before Australian government to process the application.

 Maritime Crew Visa processing time

The Maritime Crew Visa generally valid for three years maximum as realized by the Australian Government.

However there are some limitations attached to Maritime Crew Visa subclass 988 under which the visa may terminate.

  1. Participating in other ineligible work, apart from operational work requirements of the ship.
  2. If you step in Australia by air with Transit Visa (having no other visa apart from Maritime Visa)and do not sign on to the ship within five days from the day of arrival to Australia.
  3. If the visa (excluding Maritime Crew Visa), with which you have entered Australia got expired.
  4. When you do not leave Australia within five days after signing out of the ship, or have applied for any other visa, or moving on to another ship in that time limit.
  5. If you leave the vessel before the immigration has been flagged as clear by the department of home affairs.
  6. If your ship has been proclaimed by the government as imported and you haven’t move within five days or obtain any other kind of visa or switched to other non-military ship.

For family members like partners and dependent children whose Maritime Crew visa may get end up under certain cases:

  1. If the crew member visa is terminated, then their partner/ children visa will also terminate.
  2. If the visa get expired of the applicant and that person become unlawful, or the other visa is canceled.
  3. If the family member enters directly to the ship without the crew member who is the parent or partner of the visa holder.
  4. If the visa holder refuses to accompany the crew member and does not abandon Australia.

According to new immigration law for Maritime Crew visa, the family members eligible to be included should be Crew member spouse, De facto partner or dependent children under 23 years of age.

 Maritime Crew Visa Benefits

  1. Maritime Crew Visa allows you to enter in Australia by sea as an articled member of ship’s crew.
  2. Opportunity to work in the available operational activities on your ship.

How to apply for Maritime Crew Visa Subclass 988?

If someone on your behalf is lodging a visa application, then he should submit all necessary information of the applicant on your permission only. Also, you have to sign the application form on paper, even if someone else is lodging. You have to complete 1273 Form for Maritime Crew Visa by offline method.

In contrary, if the Maritime Crew Visa application has been submitted through electronic medium, then applicant should provide E-mail id on request and a consent on future communication with the Australian Government. Don’t worry if you don’t have any email service, then go for paper application.

In addition you must complete all the applications of your eligible family members who are entering in Australia with you including children. Each member is bound to have separate visa at the time of stepping in Australia.

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