How to get settled in Australia from India?

Settling in Australia means living in Australia permanently by applying to their Permanent Residency Visas which grants permission to live and settle in Australia. Australia has been welcoming hundreds of immigrants every year to work, study, live, and travel. Settling down in Australia may be complicated when you don’t have proper information of the application process and different visa subclasses, but if you have all the sufficient information about documents and eligibility criteria you can successfully move forward in moving to Australia.

Ways to get settle in Australia from India

When it comes to settling in Australia, one visa that comes to mind is skilled migration visa. Skilled migration visa has been highly overrated among immigrants who want to settle in Australia or get Permanent Visa. In this visa there are three subclasses under which an applicant can choose to apply for the visa they are eligible for. These subclasses are as follows:

  1. Skilled Independent subclass 189 visa – It is a permanent visa which allows you to live in Australia. As it is a  country visa, there is no obligation to possess state sponsorship or any family relative or employer sponsorship.
  2. Skilled Nomination subclass 190 visa – For State nomination visa, you need a nomination by state or any family member or employer.
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 visa – This visa allows an individual from India to live and work in Regional or designated areas of Australia for the duration of four years. This visa is a gateway to Skilled Regional (permanent) visa (subclass 887).

Cost involved to get settle in Australia from India

The cost becomes a major concerning factor when the question of settling in Australia arises. To be financially strong is a requirement while applying for any of the Australian Visa. Cost while settling in Australia mainly includes the cost of application, travel cost, accommodation cost, health examination cost, daily expenses, and other additional costs.

Process to get settle in Australia from India

In an objective to settle in Australia, applicants have to ascertain whether their occupation is listed on the Skilled occupation list (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). If their nominated occupation is available on the list, then the applicant is eligible to submit the visa application.

  1. For applying to an Australian Permanent residency, candidates first have to complete all eligibility requirements which include age requirement, work experience, financial resources, English language proficiency test score etc.
  2. Based on these factors Australian government will allot you points with reference to point based system. A minimum of 65 points is needed to score to be eligible for submitting Expression of Interest.
  3. Expression of Interest (EOI) is a letter stating the genuine purpose of applying to Australian PR. You can submit Expression of Interest through Skill select system. If the government passed or nominated your application by considering your points, you will then receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  4. Finally, you can apply for your visa with all the required documents of proof within 60 days, starting from when Invitation to Apply (ITA) is granted.

Other visa to settle in Australia from India

Apart from skilled visa, there are other alternatives available for settling in Australia in India. You can also consider these visa for settlement in Australia.

  1.  Visitor Visas Subclass 600
  2. Student Visa Subclass 500
  3. Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590
  4. Partner Visa Subclass 103
  5. Child Visa
  6.  Prospective Visa (Subclass 300)

How can Makevisas make your dream to settle in Australia in a reality?

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How to get settle in Australia from India?
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