Australia Refugee Visa Subclass 200

Australia Refugee Visa Subclass 200 is for those people who are living outside Australia as well as their home country and have a fear of affliction in their home country. The subclass 200 is a permanent visa allows those individuals who are being recommended by the UNCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to the Australian Government. Under Refugee Visa Australia Subclass 200, an individual can live, settle and work in Australia on permanent basis.

 Refugee Visa requirements 

Applicants have to full-fill certain requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the  Refugee Visa Australia Subclass 200:

  1. .Applicant has to qualify the health requirements i.e. you should be free from any kind of disease and infection and is physically fit and fine. The applicant has to go through the health exam which is valid for 12 months.
  2. Applicant has to show that they have no involvement in criminal activities and have good character. They have to provide records of past six months from the nation they have resided in.
  3. Applicant should be recommended by the UNCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to the Australian Government.
  4. You should be living outside Australia and your home country and you have the terror of ill-treatment in your home country.
  5. You should be free from outstanding debts to Australian government or if you have any then you have to pay all the outstanding debts before applying to the visa.
  6. Applicants can include their children, spouse or relatives in their visa application.

Cost of the Visa

An applicant has to pay no charges for the Australia Refugee Visa subclass 200. This visa is cost-free for the main applicant as well as for the additional applicants. However, applicants have to pay for other costs like health character certificate, police clearance certificate and documentation.

Benefits of Australia Refugee Visa Subclass 200

  1. This visa gives you the full authority to live in Australia on permanent basis.
  2. You are free to work in Australia during your stay.
  3. Applicants may sponsor their family members for Australia Permanent Residency if they are eligible under the Australia immigration terms and conditions.
  4. Applicant can travel multiple times in and outside Australia till the time the validity of their visa program is valid.
  5. You can register yourself in the English language classes.
  6. You may apply for the Australian citizenship, after meeting the eligibility criteria.
  7. You may enroll yourself in Medicare, it is a scheme run by the Australian government for the Australian residents and citizens where they get the access of health care and medical facilities.

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Australia Refugee Visa subclass 200 is for the refugees who don't feel safe in their home country and are living out of their country as well as Australia. To gather full details, go through this page.
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