Queensland DAMA Occupations

Queensland DAMA Occupations consists of all the occupations of Far North region which comes under the Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement, Far North Queensland DAMA.

What is Far North DAMA  ?

The Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Assessment allows employers of Far North Queensland (FNQ) to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled International workers for positions which are unfulfilled by the local workers. The FNQ DAMA is designed addressing the present and forthcoming labour market shortages according to the local terms and conditions of employment. It functions the labour agreement stream of the Australian Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 visa.

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Businesses which are approved under the Labour Agreement Stream with the Department of Home Affairs are able to nominate International Skilled workers under the Subclass 482 visa program.

Far North Queensland FNQ DAMA Occupations

FNQ DAMA       
Data below is in respect of TSS Subclass 482 only
Skill Level
Skills & Experience ConcessionTSMIT
English ConcessionPermanent Pathway
Accommodation and Hospitality Managers (nec)1419992
Accounts Clerk5511114
Aeroplane Pilot2311111
Aged or Disabled Carer4231114
Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator7211114
Agricultural Technician3111112
Air Transport Professionals (nec)2311991
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)3231113
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)3231123
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)3231133
Boat Builder and Repairer3991113
Building Associate3121122
Butcher or Smallgoods Maker3512113
Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)3424113
Cafe or Restaurant Manager1411112
Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)3995123
Charter and Tour Bus Driver7312124
Child Care Centre Manager1341111
Child Care Worker4211114
Community Worker4117112
Conference and Event Organiser1493112
Conservation Officer2343111
Counsellors (nec)2721991
Crop Farmers (nec)1212991
Customer Service Manager1492122
Dairy Cattle Farmer1213131
Deck Hand8992114
Dental Assistant4232114
Dental Hygienist4112112
Diesel Motor Mechanic3212123
Disabilities Services Officer4117122
Diving Instructor (Open Water)4523113
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor2721121
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker3423143
Enrolled Nurse4114112
Family Support Worker4117132
Farm Inspector704993
Farm Supervisor704993
Film and Video Editor2123141
Flying Instructor2311131
Fruit or Nut Grower1212131
Health and Welfare Services Managers (nec)1342991
Helicopter Pilot2311141
Hotel or Motel Manager1413112
Hotel Service Manager4314113
ICT Support Technicians (nec)3131992
Marine Biologist2345161
Metal Fitters and Machinists (nec)3232993
Motor Mechanic (General)3212113
Motorcycle Mechanic3212133
Nursing Support Worker4233124
Occupational Health and Safety Adviser2513121
Primary Products Inspectors (nec)3113992
Property Manager6121123
Restaurant Supervisor704993
Ship's Engineer2312121
Small Engine Mechanic3212143
Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages2493111
Telecommunications Cable Jointer3424123
Tour Guide4514124
Travel Attendants (nec)4517993
Travel Consultant4516124
Veterinary Nurse3613113
Vocational Education Teacher2422111
Youth Worker4117162

What are the key requirements of far North Queensland FNQ DAMA?

  1. Pathway to permanent residency for TSS visa holders granted under the FNQ DAMA in select occupations.
  2. There is an English language concession for some occupations.
  3. Qualification and Experience related concessions for some occupations.
  4. Numerous occupations are there reflecting skilled and semi-skilled shortages of FNQ.

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Businesses can get entry in the FNQ DAMA if they are functioning in FNQ and:

  1. Is feasible and have been functioning for at least 12 months.
  2. Don’t have any history of not meeting employees’ conditions.
  3. Businesses that are looking to hire International workers to fill full-time positions with roles and responsibilities that matches with one of the occupations on the FNQ DAMA Occupation List.
  4. Have to show that positions can’t be filled by Australia locals.
  5. Can  grant employment terms and conditions to overseas workers that are in terms
  6. can provide terms and conditions of employment to overseas workers that are in accordance with those offered to Australian workers employed in the region.

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