New South Wales DAMA Occupations

Orana, New South Wales DAMA Occupations are selected by the local government of Regional Development Orana targeting the requirement of skilled and semi-skilled workers to meet the labor market needs unfilled by locals of that region.

Orana Region Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is an agreement signed between Regional Development Australia Orana and the Australian Government and was approved by Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman, in April 2019.

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Orana, New South Wales DAMA Occupations

ANZSCO CodeSkill LevelOccupationSkills/Work Experience ConcessionTSMIT Concession AvailableEnglish Concession AvailablePR Pathway
1322111Finance ManagerTSS to ENS
2212131External AuditorTSS to ENS
2212141Internal AuditorTSS to ENS
2332111Civil EngineerTSS to ENS
2332121Geotechnical EngineerTSS to ENS
2332141Structural EngineerTSS to ENS
2332151Transport EngineerTSS to ENS
2335121Mechanical EngineerTSS to ENS
2335131Production or Plant EngineerTSS to ENS
2336111Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)TSS to ENS
2339121Agricultural EngineerTSS to ENS
2339151Environmental EngineerTSS to ENS
2342131Wine MakerTSS Only
2343991Environmental Scientists necTSS to ENS
2344111GeologistTSS to ENS
2345171MicrobiologistTSS to ENS
2346111Medical Laboratory ScientistYYTSS to ENS
2515131Retail PharmacistTSS to ENS
2524111Occupational TherapistTSS to ENS
2544121Registered Nurse (Aged Care)TSS to ENS
2544141Registered Nurse (Community Health)TSS to ENS
2544181Registered Nurse (Medical)TSS to ENS
2544221Registered Nurse (Mental Health)TSS to ENS
2544241Registered Nurse (Surgical)TSS to ENS
1413112Hotel or Motel ManagerTSS to ENS
1499992Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers necYTSS to ENS
3111112Agricultural TechnicianYYTSS to ENS
3122112Civil Engineering DraftspersonTSS to ENS
3122122Civil Engineering TechnicianTSS to ENS
3123112Electrical Engineering DraftspersonTSS to ENS
3125112Mechanical Engineering DraftspersonTSS to ENS
3125122Mechanical Engineering TechnicianYTSS to ENS
3513112ChefYTSS to ENS
4117152Residential Care OfficerYTSS to ENS
3212113Motor Mechanic (General)YYTSS to ENS
3212123Diesel Motor MechanicYTSS to ENS
3223113Metal FabricatorYTSS to ENS
3223133Welder (First Class)YTSS to ENS
3232113Fitter (General)YTSS to ENS
3232123Fitter and TurnerYTSS to ENS
3232143Metal Machinist (First Class)YTSS to ENS
3232993Metal Fitters and Machinists necYTSS to ENS
3312123CarpenterYTSS to ENS
3312133JoinerYYTSS to ENS
3322113Painting Trades WorkerYYTSS to ENS
3332123Solid PlastererTSS to ENS
3334113Wall and Floor TilerYYTSS to ENS
3341113Plumber (General)YTSS to ENS
3341143GasfitterYTSS to ENS
3341153Roof PlumberYTSS to ENS
3411113Electrician (General)YTSS to ENS
3511123PastrycookYYTSS to ENS
3512113Butcher or Smallgoods MakerYYTSS to ENS
3514113CookYYTSS to ENS
3941113CabinetmakerYYTSS to ENS
4114113Enrolled NurseTSS to ENS
4211114Childcare WorkerYTSS to ENS
4231114Aged or Disabled CarerYTSS to ENS
4233124Nursing Support WorkerYTSS to ENS
4233134Personal Care AssistantYTSS to ENS
5511114Accounts ClerkYYTSS to ENS
5511124Cost ClerkYYTSS to ENS
5512114BookkeeperYYTSS to ENS
5513114Payroll ClerkYYTSS to ENS
7122124MinerYYTSS to ENS
7123114Engineering Production WorkerYYYTSS to ENS
7211114Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant OperatorYYYTSS to ENS
7212114Earthmoving Plant Operator (General)YYYTSS to ENS
7219994Mobile Plant Operators (nec)YYYTSS to ENS
7331114Truck Driver  (General)YYYTSS to ENS
8312114Meat Boner & SlicerYTSS to ENS
8312124SlaughtererYTSS to ENS
8416115Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm WorkerYYYTSS Only

What is Orana DAMA ?

It is a five year labour agreement signed between the Federal Government and Regional Development Australia Orana. Under Orana DAMA, employers get the liability to sponsor skilled overseas workers in specified industries that are experincing skill and labour shortages in their region .

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It is clearly advocated by RDA Orana that employment opportunities should be offered first to Australian locals. If there is a skills shortage, then only skilled migrants are required.

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Features of the Orana DAMA

  1. Pathway to Australian permanent residency for visa holders of Orana DAMA.
  2. Offers a wide range of occupations reflecting skilled and semi-skilled shortages in the Orana.
  3. English language concessions for a few occupations.
  4. Offers salary concessions ensuring that employment conditions and local worker terms don’t get eroded.
  5. Orana DAMA is a five-year agreement.

Occupation Included in the Orana DAMA

Above-mentioned Orana DAMA Occupation List consists of occupations that are eligible for sponsorship under the Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). You can also check concessions are applied to some occupations.

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