NSW State Sponsorship Nomination

The NSW or New South Wales State Sponsorship Program 2020 is designed to attract the highly accomplished and trained skilled workers to meet the needs of market and to increase the economy of New South Wales.  The motive behind this Nomination program is to help in improving the output, competitiveness and economic fiscal in NSW. Under this program, you may live and do your job in NSW depending on the visa category you are applying for. Check out the requirements,processing time and  entitlements of this program:

Note : Subclass 489 visa is closed and has been replaced by Subclass 491 Visa

NSW State Sponsorship Features

For being eligible to apply under Skilled Nominated Visa 190  for NSW State Sponsorship, the aspiring candidates have to meet the below-given requirements.  The NSW Government focuses on those occupations that are in demand in NSW and accordingly invite candidates with relevant caliber and experience to match up the needs of NSW.

  1. The selection of candidates is solely depends on the necessities and requirements of the NSW.
  2. Under Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, the candidates have to score 65 points on the Australia points system. As Subclass 190 visa is a point-tested visa and includes factors like Age, Qualification, Work experience, English language proficiency etc. The candidates are being selected on these points.
  3. If the candidate receives nomination from the NSW, he/she will be rewarded with the extra five points in their overall point score.
  4. After getting the nomination from the NSW, the candidate is commit to live and work in NSW for  two years.

What are the basic requirements of the NSW State Sponsorship  Program?

  1. The candidate must be less than 45 years at the time of filing the visa application and when you get the NSW nomination.
  2. You have to meet the English language ability tests like IELTS, PTE etc.
  3. You have to meet the NSW occupation requirements.
  4. You have to score at least 65 points on the Australian PR applications points calculator as well as meet the Commonwealth eligibility criteria.
  5. You have to live for at least two years after the grant of the visa.
  6. The candidate should be free from any kind of debts to the Australian Government.
  7. You should have no involvement in any unlawful activities.
  8. You have to meet the health and character requirements.
  9. You must get nomination from the NSW in order to be eligible to apply.

What is the processing time of NSW State Sponsorship?

The processing time for NSW  State  Sponsorship varies. For 90% of the applications, the tenure is 9 months and for 75% of the applications, it goes up to seven months.

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The cost of NSW state nomination for the 190 visa for the candidates applying outside Australia is $300 whereas for the candidates applying within Australia is $330.  However, the application fee for the NSW state nomination for the 190 visa is not refundable.

Details about NSW State Sponsorship for the 489 Visa

The Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489 visa allows you to live and do your job in regional NSW for the period of four years. It is a gateway to attain permanent residency in Australia. If you manage to live for two years and work for one year in specified area of NSW, you may be eligible to lodge for permanent residency in Australia at later stage. The Department of NSW coordinated with participating Regional Development Authorities (RDA) committees in NSW to provide the 489 visa program.

The region of NSW that comes under the NSW State Nomination for the 489 visa are

  1. Far South Coast
  2. Mid North Coast
  3. Murray
  4. Northern Island
  5. Orana
  6. Riverina
  7. South Island

What are the requirements of NSW State Sponsorship subclass 489 ? 

To apply for NSW State Sponsorship under subclass 489 visa, the candidates have to meet the eligibility requirements:

  1. You have to meet the minimum requirements for the 489 visa.
  2. You have to be experienced and adept in the occupation that is present in the NSW 489 occupation list.
  3. You must have nomination from the participating Regional Development Authorities (RDA).
  4. You have to live and work in the region where you are nominated.

What are the benefits of NSW State Sponsorship ?

  1. You can live and work in NSW till the time your visa is valid.
  2. You get additional 5 points towards your overall points score if apply under subclass 190 visa and 10 points if apply under subclass 489 visa.
  3. You may sponsor your family members to accompany you, if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  4. You get permanent residency in Australia that means you can live in Australia indefinitely.

How to apply for the NSW State Nomination?

New South Wales state proffers immense opportunities for the skilled migrants. If you wish to apply for NSW State Sponsorship program , you can contact the Immigration experts who will help you in your immigration process. You can get in touch with the experts by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop your email queries on info@makevisas.com.

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